Budapest, Hungary – June 1999

To all future visitors of Budapest, remember this motto:

“Every perfect traveller always creates the country where he travels.”

The following notes will provide you with some useful info regarding how to get around in a city full of surprises.


Hungarians use their names in reverse order. Surnames first, given names second. The average person is often very pessimistic or just too tired of trying to survive out of the average US$250 monthly salary. So, if people get cranky…don’t be surprised. As you could imagine, the standard of living would not reach the level where people would happily smile for no reason.


Many street names occur more than once in town, so always check the district number (Roman Numerals). If you feel lost, just try to get back to “Deak Ter” (Deak Square). Then you can start the challenge all over again.

Trust me, it is really easy because everything is concentrated within a small area, the downtown, unless you want to discover the wonder of Kobanya Kispest.


We all know the saying “No Money, No Honey” and, in fact, Hungarians tend to act that way, so please watch your stuff big time. When paying your bills, make sure you count the zeros on the note otherwise your trip would definitely much shorter.

The best place to change foreign currency is the Vista Travel Centre. I really am not trying to put an ad in the paper, but check it out and you’ll see. Don’t ever try to get done with it quickly because it will cost you a lot.

1 USD is about 236 FT (You can buy 2 bread loaves or 2 boxes of milk with it)

1 DEM is about 130 FT (Enough for 3 or 4 postcards)

1 GBP is about 375 FT ( 4 bus tickets)

1 ATS is about 18 FT (You can buy 2 rolls)

But this is not the law. It changes every day…..Hello, you’re in Eastern Europe, remember?


Don’t use pay phones to call home as they are like slot machines. Buy a phone card instead. They are kinda colourful and cute.


There is a wide choice of possibilities according to your mood and budget. An average main dish is about US$2-5. You can rely on grocery stores and food markets. Definitely look out for the fruit market on the “Fovam Ter” (Located on the Pest side of the Liberty Bridge).


Several different sorts of clubs, bars, movie theatres, etc. The cover charge for big clubs are US$5. Obviously, bars and pubs do not charge you; they are happy enough if you just get drunk there.

No age limit regarding legal drinking! If you are tall enough to reach the counter, you will get served. Drinking on the street is totally legal as long as you are not the driver of a vehicle. Be serious about it though. Police don’t really speak English, but they do speak another one…


According to the latest law, the accusation of possessing drugs is considered to be a criminal act. For example, don’t even try to learn about the Hungarian “Bed & Breakfast” facilities besides your hotel. It is not worth it!!

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With the following BRIEF information I’d like to help you to make the

best out of your stay in our country.

As I’m an ex – incoming travel agent all your questions, doubts concerning your stay are more than


Few words about myself : I’m 26 y.o. female , travel addict, born

from bilingual parents, qualified English and Russian teacher and ex-

incoming travel agent.

MOTTO: If people and their manner of living were alike everywhere,

there wouldn’t be much point in moving from one place to another.

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