Europe From a Backpack

Europe From A Backpack

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Europe From A Backpack is a compilation of short articles of specific European cities prefaced with a quote, a map of the cities and their bordering countries. At the end of each tale is a getting-to-know-the-writer with relevant travel, educational and goal-related topics.

There’s something both familiar and unfamiliar about reading short travel pieces. You might relate to the place, having been there or had prior knowledge of it. You might recognize an experience having had a similar one or heard about one. You might see another side of a city, an event you thought you knew well. You might be pleasantly surpirsed, unpleasantly shocked or vice versa. You might even be bored. Flip on. The next article might compel you.

Mike Pearson states in the introduction “these stories are a must tell.” He goes on to say that if you’re a “young, adult backpacker on limited funds” this book is aimed towards you.

I say if you are an older person, curious and adventurous, on a limited budget or not, you’ll be amused, shocked, frightened and delighted – much like those in their 20s, 30s, 40s and higher. And you’ll gain insight and information – much needed by all age groups.

Europe From A Backpack is really for those who are travelling, have travelled, are considering travelling – by boat, car, plane, train, foot and book.

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