Ljubljana, Slovenia – October 1999

Hello, everybody!

I’m sorry so many of you (OK, nobody) missed last months’ article on Slovenia. I was just too busy with school and all. Sorry again.

For all you Blondie fans out there…The group is coming to Ljubljana October 23rd. And, speaking of concerts, Joe Cocker is arriving beginning of November. I think the 13th, but don’t bet on it. My memory isn’t what it used to be.

The cinemas are back to normal. The movies are up-to-date, including the Phantom Menace and 10 Things I Hate About You. In October, the Thomas Crown Affair is coming. You can find the programme at www.lj-kino.si. But it’s in Slovene (again). And, yes, there’s an important detail to add. The movies are in their original languages, they are not synchronized, only subtitled. So, if you’d like to go to the movies, there is no problem.

Slovenia is in football (soccer) frenzy lately. Maribor has made it all the way to UEFA’s Champions’ League (played three, won one) and people are going nuts. Just a warning – don’t say anything bad about Slovenian soccer to a person, wearing a violet and yellow scarf. Those are the biggest Maribor fans, called “the Violas”.

In Ljubljana, we are better in basketball. Hell, we’re great! Our Union Olimpija won its second European league game today (played two, won two). People here wear white and green scarves. Don’t tick them off, either. They’re “the Green Dragons”.

The Opera House

If we switch to culture, new seasons are opening in the Opera and in various theatres. The Opera will open October 7th with Madamme Butterfly (if you’re interested). Unfortunatelly, it’s only in Slovene, but let me know if you’re interested and I’ll translate it for you.

The National Museum is preparing an exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci. It’s supposed to open in November. At this moment, in front of the museum is standing the skeleton of a dinosaurs, which is part of an exhibition travelling around the world. Looks cool and is big.

Here’s another cool link. It’s an interactive guide of Ljubljana. Try it, you may like it! Basically, it’s full of pictures of our lovely Ljubljana. Go, check it out and find out what you’ll be able to see if you drop by. If one of you people is planning on coming, let me know. You probably know my address (it’s on top and bottom of the page!).

P.S. I would love to hear from readers who would like to make any comments. Do you agree with my suggestions and comments? Are there things that you would like me to write about? Do you want more information? Please feel free to contact me …Tina Petek

A great Internet link, containing more or less up-to-date information about Slovenia. And it’s in English!

Another useful place is Adacta, also available in English, that offers (among other things) access to the phone book of Slovenia.

You’ll find more about Ljubljana, itself, here. Also in English.


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