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Monthly Updates

March 2001 Article – After spending 10 weeks away from Brazil, Philip was ready for some decent cooking. He tells you how to make Brazil’s national dish, the Feijoada.

November 2000 Article – The Sunday Times once again touches down in Philip’s backyard. Philip finds truth and hyperbole in their description of Salvador.

October 2000 Article – Philip rates Natal, north east Brazil’s beach capital. And the winner is…

September 2000 Article – As part of his birthday celebrations this month, Philip reviews the hottest dance joint in town.

August 2000 Article – Moving to a new district has allowed Philip the chance to expand his horizons and check out some new exciting bars and restaurants.

July 2000 Article – Finding himself homeless, Philip details the Brazilian process of obtaining a new abode.

June 2000 Article – After struggling with light bulbs and notebooks, Philip describes celebrations in the month of Saints.

May 2000 Article – Philip will be joining a blocco to further his research of the out-of-season carnaval “Fortal”.

April 2000 Article – Philip takes you on a tour of his favourite watering holes, applying his world famous “lobster rating”.

March 2000 Article – Visit Morro Branco, a low-key and beautiful beach which is justifiably famous for its coloured sands.

February 2000 Article – Brazilians are going in a mad rush to go back to school. Escape the frenzy with a trip to Praia da Lagoinha.

January 2000 Article – Voted as the “World’s Best Beach”, Jericoacoara is a place for partying more than a place to relax.

December 99 Article – This month Philip concentrates on two of his favourite hobbies – beaches and food.

November 99 Article – In Brazil, going to the beach is the country’s opium, and the finest cut, the biggest high has to be the beaches of Ceara.

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Tips for NE Brazil – Advice and observations from someone who has travelled to the north east.

Fortaleza in Dutch – There are many Dutch visitors to Fortaleza. Here is an account written in Dutch. For an English translation, click here.

General Info – Life in Fortaleza from transport to food to banking.

Introduction to Fortaleza – After years of searching, an Englishman discovers his Shangri-la.

Prohibition Town Blues – On a trip to Natal, the northeast’s beach capital, election day means no drinking.

Talkin’ About a Revolution – A trip to Belem, capital of the Brazilian state of Para to investigate the recent civil unrest.

Rumble in the Jungle – A shoddy bar the Brazilian jungle is no place for an Englishman as his team takes on the world champs of football.

500 Years of Brazil – The irresistable pull of Brazil to those who have lived there, especially around the country’s 500th anniversary.

Thinking About the Past – Slavery is very much a part of Brazil’s history, even if it is a fading memory.

What Is It About Brazil? – Some things that make Brazil unique, both good and bad (but mostly good).

So This is Carnaval – Carnaval is many things to different people, but it has to be experienced.

Jericoacoara, Ceara – Rated as the world’s best beach and home to some truly Brazilian Millennium celebrations.

The Blanket Express to Salvador – Salvador has been described as “a Greek salad of cultures, a place of great spirituality”. The bus from Fortaleza takes 20 hours.

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide – If you’re looking for more information on Brazil, check out these articles on the party mecca.

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