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There’s something sexy about travel, and we’re not afraid to talk about it. In the following pages, learn about places to make love before you die, tips for impressing locals of the opposite sex, and even the best destinations for one-night stands.

Fun (& Useful) Travel Story in BootsnAll Hostels Section about Love on the Road

Today’s feature travel article on BootsnAll isn’t in its usual place here in the articles section – it’s about hostels, so it’s in our hostels section! Makes sense, right?


This article is another by Amy Heading, who writes about tips for women travelers who might be lookin’ for lovin’ on the road – but also hoping to avoid what she calls the “heartbreak hostel.”

It’s a fun and funny article that also happens to have some pretty good information in it. And even though the title says it’s for ladies only, there are useful tips in there for the guys, too.

Check out today’s feature article: Avoiding the Heartbreak Hostel: 10 Simple Rules For Backpacking Lovin’ for Female Travellers

Did you know that BootsnAll is more than just travel stories? We not only help inspire you to get out and see the world, we help you book everything you’ll need to get wherever you want to go – including our huge directory of hostels all over the world. When you’re done reading today’s feature travel story, stick around awhile to check out the BootsnAll hostels listings.

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Six Romantic Getaways Around the World

With thousands of fabulous vacation destinations around the world, narrowing down a list of top romantic getaways isn’t easy. On this particular list, you’ll find three classics for traditional romantics, two more out of the way for those looking for something a little different, and one that falls into the "best kept secret" category for couples who want their friends to be jealous. Read on.

1 – Paris

No list of romantic getaways would be complete without Paris. From snuggling on top of the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe to casual, arm-linked strolls down the Champs-Elysées and coffee under the porticoes in Place des Vosges, the City of Lights is truly a city for lovers.

Although you may be tempted to stay indoors in the elegant cafes, shops, and luxury hotels in Paris, you’ll have no trouble finding romantic excursions if you are so inclined. Take a cozy river boat ride down the Seine to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, have a picnic lunch of baguettes and your choice of French cheese in the Luxembourg Gardens or the Chateau de Versaille, roam the hallowed halls of The Louvre, and admire the view of the city at night from Montmarte Hill.

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2 – Venice

Venice is another European city that oozes romance. This magical, haunting place was built on small islands joined by bridges and often seems to be floating–with good reason since its streets are water. Accordingly, you don’t have to worry about traffic (except from the vaporetti), but do bring good walking shoes.

You can take a gondola ride at sunset in the Grand Canal, hang out in Saint Mark’s Square, and spend long, lingering mornings sipping cappuccino at one of the many sidewalk cafes, but one of the best ways to enjoy Venice is by getting lost–and by all accounts this is quite easy to do. Venice is a veritable maze of narrow side streets and alleys waiting for you to peek in, admire the ancient buildings, and every now and again, sneak kisses in hidden corners.

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3 – Caribbean Islands

One of the most popular honeymoon and wedding destinations for Americans is the Caribbean islands. Each island has its own history and character, so no matter what you are looking for in a romantic getaway, you are sure to find it in the Caribbean.

For those looking for a quiet spot, check out St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Although the smallest of the Virgin Islands, two-thirds of St. John is designated as a national park, so there is plenty of room to explore. If you’d prefer a livelier spot with casinos and plenty of nightlife, French St. Martin’s and Dutch St. Maartens, are good bets–and St. Maartens is also duty and tax free, offering great shopping opportunities. The most traditionally romantic island, though, just may be Santa Lucia in Anguilla with its fine beaches surrounded by gorgeous green mountains and several exclusive resorts.

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4 – Maldives

Although it’s been inhabited for over 3000 years, the Maldives is a relatively new romantic destination for many. The group of over 1,000 coral islands is on the equator southwest of Sri Lanka, meaning the sun shines year round and puts average temperatures between 84° and 90°F (29° and 32°C).

Eighty-seven of the islands in the Maldives are exclusive resorts, so if that’s your thing, you have quite a selection, and especially if you like over-water bungalows. Regarding activities, the Maldives is one of the prime diving and snorkeling spots in the world with an amazing level of visibility that sometimes exceeds 50 meters; underwater life is so varied and colorful that you are unlikely to have the same experience twice. You can also surf, fish, whale and dolphin watch, and even go underwater in a passenger submarine if you aren’t the diving or snorkeling type.

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5 – Santorini

Greece’s Santorini, an island north of Crete, is a picture-perfect paradise from its white-washed, cascading buildings in Oia to its crystal clear Aegean Sea–and the sunsets in Santorini are often said to be the best in the world.

Humans have been roaming Santorini for nearly 5,000 years, but its natural beauty has remained remarkably unspoiled. The Caldera, formed by a volcanic explosion 3,000 years ago is one of the most amazing sights, and from there you have breathtaking views of the nearby volcano and also neighboring islands. Red Beach, the ancient Minoan settlement of Akrotiri, and Skaros Rock shouldn’t be missed, and also be sure to try Santorini cherry tomatoes, which are said to be some of the sweetest anywhere thanks to their volcanic soil beds.

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6 – Iguazú Falls, Argentina

If you’ve never considered the enchanting Iguazú Falls in northern Argentina for a romantic getaway, it’s time to add it to your list. Aside from being lush, gorgeous, and a hidden treasure, the falls located between Paraguay and Brazil even have a legend of young lovers attached.

As the tale goes, every year, the Guaraní people of the area would sacrifice a young virgin by throwing her into the waters to a waiting serpent, but when a young chieftain fell in love with one who was to be sacrificed, he stole away with her. The serpent smacked his tail on the water in anger, creating the falls. The man’s spirit lives on in the trees surrounding the falls, and the young virgin’s hair is represented by the cascading water. Aside from the falls, be sure to check out nearby San Ignacio Miní, the UNESCO-protected Jesuit mission.

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Five Great Valentine’s Day Getaways in the USA

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, a weekend you’d like to spend with your significant other, or even your wedding, the following five spots are sure to provide romantic getaways you’ll never forget.

For those of you on the go, all of these locations have gorgeous scenery and plenty of outdoor activities, but if you’re looking for low-key, they also offer quiet, relaxing settings as well.

1 – North Shore O’ahu

Polynesian Cultural Center, North Shore O'ahu

Polynesian Cultural Center, North Shore O’ahu

Settled in the 12th century, the North Shore O’ahu is a romantic Hawaiian paradise with ancient cultural sites, plantation era buildings, and lots of cafes, boutiques, and, of course, surf shops–not surprising for the place with some of the biggest waves in the world. The beaches, nature parks, and all-around breathtaking landscape offer opportunities for walking, hiking, surfing, skydiving, gliding, golf, and horseback riding–and also for just lying around and enjoying the scenery.

If you want to eat like a local, try traditional Hawaiian plate lunches, freshly caught North Shore shrimp, and shave ice. Some sites you shouldn’t miss include the Waimea Falls botanical gardens and the Polynesian Cultural Center, run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where you can see live hula performances and how poi is made.

If you enjoy the nightlife, Waikiki is the place to be, although do know that it’s bound to be crowded.

2 – Napa Valley

Early autumn morning in the Napa Valley, CA

Early autumn morning in the Napa Valley, CA

Also known as Wine Country, the Napa Valley in California has become one of the hottest vacation destinations in America with 4.7 million visitors annually, second only to Disneyland in California tourism. What can be more romantic than being surrounded by wine?

The first vineyard in the Napa Valley opened in 1858 and the first winery in 1861, giving this area outside of San Francisco a rich history; learn all about it on historical walking tours in places like Yountville, a charming town that has retained its rural roots while tourism has grown up around it.

Aside from wine-tasting and winery tours, other popular activities in the Napa Valley include biking through the vineyards, gourmet sampling, golf, shopping for antiques, and spa visits, but one of the best ways to see the vineyards is from above–hot air balloon rides are affordable and offered daily and are especially evocative at sunrise and sunset.

3 – Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Mountain Resort, Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Mountain Resort, Lake Tahoe

Mark Twain said, "To obtain the air the angels breathe, you must go to Tahoe." Situated two-thirds in California and one-third in Nevada, Lake Tahoe is simply one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It doesn’t get more romantic than that, especially since the sun shines there about 75% of the year.

Its unique name comes from the Wasino Indian name of this spiritual, sacred site: Da-ow-a-ga. When explorers Kit Carson and John Fremont arrived at the second deepest lake in the US in 1844, they heard "Tahoe" from "Da-ow"; the name was officially adopted in 1945.

Winter sports from skiing to snowboarding are popular activities at Tahoe, but it’s also great for biking, fishing, and hiking and for just soaking in the peaceful silence; there are also casinos and clubs on the South Shore, and if you get caught up in the romance of Lake Tahoe, there are 20 wedding chapels in the area ready to perform your ceremony.

4 – Savannah, Georgia

Carriage ride through Savannah

Carriage ride through Savannah

Southern hospitality abounds in Savannah, founded by General James Edward Oglethorpe in 1733. From its Waving Girl statue on River Street to its Landmark Historic District with cobblestone streets and gardens, Savannah is one of the most welcoming and well-preserved cities in the country.

During a walking or ghost tour of Savannah, you can admire the Greek Revival-style architectural details of the Historic District Mansion, the ironwork of Forsyth Park Fountain, and the sheer grandeur of the Mercer House, made famous in the 1997 film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Also check out the First African Baptist Church, home of one of the oldest African-American congregation in North America.

Stay in one of Savannah’s 45 historic inns and bed and breakfasts, and for an even more relaxed city tour, enjoy a carriage, trolley, or riverboat ride on the Savannah River. If you’re in the mood for beach fun, head to Tybee Island, 18 miles east of Savannah.

5 – Martha’s Vineyard

"Red sky at night, sailor's delight" at Martha's Vineyard

"Red sky at night, sailor’s delight" at Martha’s Vineyard

An island seven miles off the coastline of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard is made up of six towns, each with its own unique character. The entire island is nine miles wide and 23 miles long, which means you can explore a good bit of it in just a weekend.

Along with a gorgeous coastline, the pride of "The Island" are its five lighthouses (West Chop, East Chop, Edgartown, Gay Head, and Cape Poge) along with the fact that it has retained much of its New England historical charm–the only chain store is Dairy Queen, there are no malls, and the highest speed limit you’ll find is 45 mph. The towns offer walking tours, including ghost tours with legends of past residents and visitors.

Along with usual water activities like boating and fishing, you can also go horseback riding or ice skating, play tennis or golf, visit museums, or go on nature walks, especially romantic strolls on the beach at sunset.


Additional photos credits: North Shore O’ahu: IrishMBO on Flickr, Napa Valley: ah zut on Flickr , Lake Tahoe: Heavenly Valley

Best One-Night Stand Destinations for 2009

You heard it here first, America – sex is back, and bigger than ever. We’ve snapped out of our binge on conservatism, (seriously, did they slip us a roofie or something?) and we now have a president who can dance, and if statistics mean anything, is packing more heat than any of his silver-haired forefathers. Be certain America, 2009 will be a return to our truer, looser selves, and it is my belief that we will witness the return of the great American one-night stand.

Once allied with sexual vagrants, the one-night stand has lost its sleazy strings and is now flaunted as a display of freedom and sexual prowess, and a prime marketing device for the condom industry’s advertising campaigns.

So step out of the gutters, you frolickers of now, and behold the best destinations for the perfect one-night stand.

1 – Obama Inauguration


Twenty-somethings who spent the fall registering voters and making phone calls, now ready for some steady money and/or summer internship opportunities, will be flocking to Washington D.C. to engorge their networks. Rest assured, future interns will do whatever it takes to get ahead on the hill, also known as the red light district capitol. Just show up and introduce yourself as "Representative so and so.” It might be wise to rent a limo if you can spare the change. It would add to the effect (not that you really need it) but more importantly, provide a well-needed place to "look over resumes and portfolios".  

Plus you’ll meet all those youthful, optimistic types who are swarming Washington just to experience this historic moment. You don’t think they’re going to all want to "make history" with you?

And if you’re out for a more seasoned take on things, look no further than Washington politicians. What do you think they’re doing when they’re not politicking? To find out, just hang around lower-rung staff members, pages, and underage transgendered prostitutes.

Note: If you do nab a politician have your cell phone camera ready for future blackmail snapshots.

2 – Northern Michigan


Travelers heading "up north" can count on some action with the sturdy, forest folk of Northern Michigan–that is if you’re evil enough to fake it through the local marriage customs. Take the morning to put signs up in the local markets. The signs should let people know that you’re healthy, fertile, and ready to breed, and that you’re from "the city" (preferably NOT Canadian). Within a few hours you should get phone calls from eager suitors, ready and willing to get hitched and go the extra post-nuptial mile for a ride to "where the tall buildings are.”

After a ceremonial banquet of cabbage and boiled pig tails served with apples, suitors both male and female should expect to compete with the father of their new spouse in a game of oil wrestling. In these parts, it’s polite to lose the "ceremony of the flogging patriarch" on purpose, but not until after going for a few solid rounds of tumbling. Make sure to take a purifying bath in the nearest hot springs, scrubbing off any oil, body hair, or grime. Cross your fingers while reciting your vows, and then take your new spouse to the local honeymoon sweat lodge. Have yourself a wild time, but make sure you don’t let yourself pass out so you can slink out in the morning and hitch a jeep back to the city.

Note: This is probably not the best destination if you’re allergic to rabbit fur. It’s in a lot of the food.

3 – Wine Country


Something happens to people out in the wine country. It’s as if the social rules that once applied to them no longer have any meaning. (Like in Sideways, when the guy drinks from the jar of wine spit, or whatever that was.) Wine tasters are usually far from on their best behavior, making them perfect candidates for your next intoxicated squeal fest. Look out especially for vine junkies who go wine tasting alone. You’d be surprised how many there are. These people are probably drunk or lonely enough to just give it a go behind the wine barrels. Or you might find someone who needs to sober up before they can drive to the next vineyard. What better way than horizontally? In the back of a station wagon? Real wine drinkers will do anything and everything and be fine, as long as they’ve got a glass of wine swirling in their fingers. It somehow makes everything seem just a little bit classier.  

Note: the folks who pour the wine are often the drunkest and horniest.  

4 – Spring Break


Okay, this one’s not that hard to figure out. Americans flock to warm waters in spring for one reason, to mate. Spring Break is really just an agreement among the 18 to 25 bracket to meet for sex in the springtime somewhere warm.  It’s no different from any other mammalian sex migration. Humpback whales do the same thing after all. It’s a warm-blooded instinct. So really, spring breaking is just following your natural, biological mandate.

You can’t miss the candidates, either. They’re as naked as possible within the law for as much of the day as possible. Look for the stringiest bathing suits and the most revealing club looks. This is a message after all, saying I’m practically ready now, all you’d have to do is move this tiny piece of fabric.          

Note: Try to stay away from people who have turned bright pink from never wearing sun block – chances are they’re careless in other areas of their lives as well.

5 – Las Vegas, Nevada


I knew that one-night stands were coming back to full swing when I saw the first "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" ad. It’s ominous isn’t it? What exactly are they talking about?  

Las Vegas, for years aiming for a family-friendly, almost Disney-like innocence, has finally hit its second puberty. The mobs are still out, but the sex force couldn’t be stronger. The trick with this one-night-stand challenge is to find gamblers, high rollers – people who risk a lot to win. Don’t mistake high-risk gamblers with the richest players necessarily, it’s the ones who really can’t afford to be risking so much, people who stand to lose the most, who are the real freaks.

You’ll want to look for who’s winning, red-faced with victory, and just smile a lot and make yourself available. If you’re mildly attractive and within reaching distance, the gambler’s going to do all the work for you. And if you’re nice, you’ll be able to hit the buffet line for free in the morning.  

Note: As always with buffets, start with meats and desserts, and work your way backwards.

6 – Dutch Harbor, Alaska


Ladies looking for action who like seafood should report to Dutch Harbor, Alaska during the end of the crab season when crab fishermen return from port. This is the triumphant return of the tribal hunters after a long season of meat gathering. These men have been risking death and injury every day for the last 6 months, and they’re ready for a fresh meal and a romp in anything that’s not a hammock with anyone who’s not another crab fisherman.  

Look for men who smell like crab and the b.o. of other men. Select the choicest sailors right off the dock, making sure to intercept them as early as possible to avoid any confrontations with eager girlfriends and wives. Shack up in an empty fishing boat for a night of guaranteed insanity.  Don’t forget to indulge in some fresh seafood while you’re there.  After a long, hard day at the docks, a hot bowl of crab bisque goes down real nice.  

Note: Watch out for the other variety of crabs you can get at the docks.  

7 – The Vortexes of Sedona, Arizona


Every year thousands of new-age spirit-questers flock to the desert to break in their new sandals while they hop through the vortexes of Sedona, AZ. The vortexes of Sedona have long been described as metaphysical hot spots thought to unite the energies of masculine and feminine….Hint.  They’re easy to spot these ones, spiritual types with a clear fondness for showing off their tan lines, willing to try anything at least once. Look out for recent college graduates who can’t find a job in the economic meltdown and so turn to a spirit quest to stall for time.  

Men, take note: These are women in search of new modes of connection willing to make a string of new and different mistakes for their entire lives! One of them will surely give you a go.  And ladies, you know these bearded, new age types. They will do things that your husbands and boyfriends would never ever do. Ever.

Note:  You might need a toothpick after you’re finished as these children of the earth goddess don’t take kindly to grooming.

Additional photo credits:

Sedona – Laszio-photo on Flickr, Dutch Harbor – Bingbing on Flickr, Las Vegas – Mandj98 on Flickr, Wine Country – empracht on Flickr, Spring Break – Sergio Savaman Savarese on Flickr