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Learn all you need to know about expat life and working abroad. The following articles will help you plan that expat adventure or assist you in earning money overseas. There is a lot that goes into planning a work abroad experience – whether it’s simply moving abroad for your company, finding odd jobs around hostels, or becoming location independent and really transforming your life. No matter what the situation, we have you covered!

15 of the Best Expat Blogs
15 of the Best Expat Blogs Of the many varieties of travel blogs, expat blogs are a particular favorite of staff writer (and expat wannabe) Jessica Spiegel. These are 15 of her favorites.
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6 Reasons Living on the Road is a Good Option in a Down Economy
6 Reasons Living on the Road is a Good Option in a Down Economy If you play the game the right way it's actually very possible to live "on the road" for quite a bit less than keeping a stationary lifestyle. Jennifer Miller and her family have done it, and here she offers her best tips.
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Finding Jobs in Hostels
Finding Jobs in Hostels Many backpackers like to earn some extra cash or at least get free beds by helping out at hostels, but getting this work isn't always easy. BootsnAll's Kathy Schmidt has worked at hostels and she shares her advice.
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