Colin Hay: Men @ Work – Eugene, Oregon, USA

Colin Hay: Men @ Work

May 21st: Vet’s club
Eugene, Oregon Travel Guide

Colin Hay
Colin Hay opens up with “Transcendental Highway”.

Colin Hay began wrapping up his current North American tour by rolling into Eugene, Oregon on the 21st of May for an intimate performance and some light comedy at the Vet’s Club.

The audience was attracted to the show, primarily from his “Money Song” days with Men @ Work. 200 people showed up for the sold out performance, some flying up from San Francisco.

The first 20 minutes of the show consisted of a chat between Colin and the audience. Most expected an Aussie drawl but were pleasantly surprised with his thick Scottish accent and sense of humor. He had the audience rolling in the aisles with comments such as:

“This town’s gotta a lot of history…and I don’t know any of it”

“There are a lot of disasters these day…and when one happens, I feel real bad…real bad that I didn’t have sex last night” and

Colin Hay
Colin jams on “Down Under”…He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich”


“I toured with the guys from “Men @ Work” in ’96…it was rough…the audience remembered the words to the songs better than I did.”

After 20 minutes of laughs, he kicked off with the title track to his latest album Transcendental Highway. Definitely a more mature version of Hay than his earlier sing-a-long days with Men @ Work. It appears as if lot more feeling went into these lyrics.

He quickly launched into his “Money” songs: “Down Under” and “Overkill”. The familiarity with these songs were apparent as the crowd, already into it’s 3rd of 4th round of drinks, began singing along to those oh so familiar lyrics. The crowd were eager for more, chanting “Be Good, Be Good, Be Good, Be Good….”. Colin was not to be persuaded, however and after a confusing conversation with an attention seeking female member of the audience, he continued on with his own song list.

The last 20 minutes consisted of cracking jokes about various performances from life on the road around the world and a few more of his cuts from his newest album. He left the stage to a standing ovation and the crowd yelling for more.