Cruising, Part 2: Tortola,The Island For Me – Caribbean

I'll Be Back
The ship slowly pulls into Tortola as the sun behind me is rising. I notice a small sailboat from behind the rocks going the other direction. It’s almost seven in the morning, the only ones around are the pool deck staff – cleaning, getting ready for a busy day. It's nice and quiet. My eyes focus on Tortola, visualizing myself living in one of the white houses along the hill. A few small boats are docked along the shore.

The sun shines on a hill, I manage to capture the moment. The anticipation of stepping onto this island for a few hours excites me.

Scenery from Tortola: One beautiful view after another from our jeep tour

Scenery from Tortola: One beautiful
view after another

Our driver, a Jamaican living on the island for seven years, drives our land rover jeep. There are a few bumpy roads, but nothing more than what I had expected. When he catches the bumps, we joke about how one of us may fall out. Our stops include Guana Island, where scientists study the flora and fauna, Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private estate. The temperature is pleasant all year, steady at about 25-27 Celsius, not much humidity – my kind of weather.

Before we reach our pit stop at Beef Island International Airport, the driver pulls over so we can watch a small plane land. To get to Tortola, you to fly to St. Maarten, then take a small jobber in as the airport can’t handle large aircrafts.

Long Bay Beach: Enjoy the cool white sand between the toes and refresh in the turquoise water

Long Bay Beach

Other jeeps with approximately five people in each follow and join us basking in the white sands and turquoise water of Long Bay Beach, on Beef Island. There are no facilities, bathroom stops are at the airport. In the distance, I see lovely white homes on the green hills. Perhaps this is a good spot to own a house. Keep dreaming!

On our way back to our ship, the driver made more stops for us to see the breathtaking views. I hated leaving the island. If we had more time, I would have explored Road Town, the capital of British Virgin Islands.

As people were taking their deck chairs, I stood by the rail, waiting and watching as our ship made its departure form this island. I’ll be back.

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