Dancing, Coffee, Beaches, and a Taste of Brazil on Cape Cod – Centerville, Massachusetts, USA

Dancing, Coffee, Beaches, and a Taste of Brazil on Cape Cod
Centerville, Massachusetts, USA

The year was 1993 and I, too, lived in a VW bus parked outside my best friend’s house in Berkeley. California. Something or other on the burning shore. My raison d’etre was going door to door attempting to shutdown a lead factory. The sandboxes were discovered to have enough lead in the soil so as to offer lead poisoning to unsuspecting children building literal castles in the sand. No, not in Berzerkely but in parts north.

Twelve years or so later I am administering a network of thousands of computers. But only until July 15th. At which point I’m first shoving off to Colorado for a month, and then it’s off to Eastern Europe to visit the sand in Croatia, to take in some art in Prague, to Buddha My Pests in Hungary. And a few other stops along the rail.

For now, Cape Cod finds me having been here for so long that I am indeed calling it home. These will be missed, and you should check them out if you find yourself on the island someday.

Do not miss the Wellfleet Beachcomber, located on Cahoon Hollow Beach. Directions on how to get there are online. Check out the upcoming schedule of musical adventures. Watch surfers do what we call surfing, and be sure to attempt this thing known as surfing if you have yet to attempt it. You won’t regret it. Just get accustomed to the water temperature first.

If you happen to make it up to Wellfleet on a summery Sunday afternoon, see the Incredible Casuals show. Dance inside or outside. Or don’t dance at all and enjoy the music, if you can enjoy it without dancing. They play some skaishness, some rock and roll, and at least once have invited a random person in the audience to get up on stage and sing a tune, even if out of key. If you’re in the market for a fun band, the Incredible Casuals will be at the Beachcomber to help you find one.

Rather than dancing, surfing, or taking in the sun and beach and sand, let’s say you want to get a good cup of java. You need to head down to Falmouth, Massachusetts and find Coffee Obsession. Located at 110 Palmer Ave, they have three cold coffee versions and five or so of the warm variety brewing throughout the day and night. And they are open in the morning, too. If you can’t find the Coffee Obsession in Falmouth and have discovered instead the Woods Hole area, fear not, for Coffee Obsession has a shop on 38 Water Street.

For the Cataumet area, for coffee and even food, The Daily Brew located at 1370 Route 28A has especially flavorful blends. If you happen to be with kids, or are one yourself, there is a put-put (mini-golf) on premises. Ice cream is very neadby as well.

Speaking of food – if authentic Brazilian cuisine is your thing, and it should be regardless of if you do or do not eat meat because the banana is a wonderful thing, stop by on Route 28A at the Emporio Brazilian Cuisine and Bar. Your taste buds will thank you. If you’re in Hyannis, Main Street has two Brazilian eateries. Both are worthy of mentioning as my own taste buds have thanked me many a time. The Back Yard Buffet at 572 Main Street offers Brazilian yummies by the pound. The cost is not expensive by any means and the food, all of it, is delicious. And yes, they have Guarana, as does The Brazilian Grill a few blocks toward the East End Rotary at 680 Main Street. Whichever choice you decide on, bother to take the time to fulfil your hunger at one of these two restaurants.

As for shopping, I’m not covering that. There are beaches to be lazy at and restaurants to eat at and music and dancing to be had come summer time on Cape Cod. Home for now until the end of July, when I’ll be scouring Colorado for the month of August for tidbits and places discovered along the way. Then, it’s off to Europe for a while.

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