It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe #15: Calebasse Cafe – Martinique

Calebasse Cafe

Calebasse Cafe
The most popular drink here: rum in a small glass, sugar, a little piece of lemon, previously squeezed and voil�, you got a Ti punch. Yes, I’m working in a bar.

It’s not only a bar, it’s also a restaurant, a live music place, an expositions hall…a place where culture is sought and found. They have gigs, jam sessions, film projections, theme nights, DJ evenings…

Very artistic place to work, it’s been open officially since November and now counts amongst the most “in” venues to spend any evening of the week. They have continious reviews on the press and radio, people come from all over the island and the ambience is nice and relaxed. A good mix of locals, sailors and artists.

Gig at the cafe
It’s located in Marin, next to the marina. I spent dead hours here for a week, doing email and trying to sort out whether I was staying or leaving, and, in the meantime, spending money like crazy…Until I came to know Olivier, one of the owners of the place, he offered my indecisive self a job and I didn’t know, plus he didn’t know either, so, as none of us knew, I didn’t ask again until at least, I had made up my mind.

One week later I find myself with a full time job, a groovy house to live upstairs the Caf� and the best staff to work with. Olivier is one of those people that have travelled all over, he understands and tries not to bother his crew too much as long as business is running smooth.

Life is sweet here.