Sleepless in Manuel Antonio – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Sleepless in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

I was just grabbing her hand to help her off of the bus and it felt like….I’m not real sure since she didn’t give it to me and kind of waved me off with a gesture. So much for being a gentleman.

So the first encounter with my little Dutch sweetheart wasn’t as serendipitous as it is in the movies. However, two days later the magic would in fact happen. It’s not often that I write about any sexual encounters, probably because there are not as many to dwell upon as I’d like to admit. But after being robbed, this was first positive memory that I would retain from my travels in Costa Rica. It was just one of those nights when the stars were in the right position. Hell there were so many in the sky a few of them must have been…at least close. We met at the bus station in Quepos. I happened to be traveling with this guy I met in San Jose and her with a Canadian girl she happened upon. There was another chance meeting out at a bar that night where we formally met and talked the girls up for a bit. A couple days later we all ended up staying at the Costa Linda Hostel in Manuel Antonio.

First and foremost, I feel it to be pertinent to throw a plug in for the Costa Linda establishment. This is the cheapest hostel you’ll find in Manuel Antonio unless you’re wanting to camp. Heck, I think it’s the only hostel that’s actually in Manuel Antonio – $7/night. Rooms are clean, simple, and has shared baths (which I’ll get to later). They cook meals for those that are staying at the hostel, which you can buy and is by far the cheapest way to eat without hitching a ride back to Quepos. Eating there definitely creates a social environment so it’s a good way to meet other travelers. OK…enough advertising.

So anyways, it was a Saturday and a group of us had convened at the hostel and decided it would be prudent if we got thoroughly sloshed that night and went out with a bang – since some were leaving the next day, including my Dutch girl. If it’s a Friday or Saturday in Manuel Antonio, anybody who’s anybody goes to the Mar y Sombra. Located right alongside the beach, it was the perfect place to spend a drunken orgy of malay and madness. This place really rocked with a huge dance floor and a non-stop mixture of reggeaton, salsa, and merengue. To get a little outside the action, our group set up shop at one of the concrete tables nestled between the palm trees. Then it begun, a seemingly endless flow of Guaro ran to our lips as inebriation levels soared into the starry skies. As the night was gearing towards an end I made my move. I asked her if she’d like to go for a walk down the beach…bien hecho Wes.

We walked out onto the open sandy beach confronted by the vast universe lingering over our heads. The night was so clear that I never in my life can recall seeing the sky so vividly painted. There were countless stars, enough to where you could see a cluster stretching across the sky in an acre shaped fashion making me think we were looking at the edge of the galaxy. Que lindo! We must have stared at the sky for only a few minutes and saw three shooting stars. A little sand, stars, and guaro…I liked how this night was shaping up thus far. We slowly paced our way down the beach bantering about nonsense when we stopped and just listened to the calm of the ocean gently rolling in. She began telling me about bioluminescence in the water and I remember thinking to myself, “Why are you telling me this!” I said, “I don’t believe you,” to which her response was, “Let’s get in and I’ll show you.” And with that she began taking off her clothes. I said, “You’re going to get in right now…without a bathing suit?” What were reason and responsibility still doing here, I thought I did away with them after that 7th shot of Guaro. Thank god the Little Man’s voice came calling from deep inside, ‘WHY ARE YOU QUESTIONING HER YOU IDIOT!’ Then what should I do Oh Captain My Captain? CARPE DIEM!

I threw off my clothes and followed her into the tepid Pacific waters. As we waded out into the black abyss, I happened to catch glimpse of glittering lights that seemed to follow my movements. I’ll be damned, she was right. I childishly stood there for a moment swishing my arm back and forth to ignite the array of glowing particles in the water, almost forgetting that there was a naked female close by. She just laughed for having me doubt her as we came together face to face and I held her there in the waters for a little while. We must have been making out and chatting in the water for at least a half hour since my fingers were starting to wrinkle when we finally decided to move the make out session back onto the beach. We weren’t rolling around in the sand for but 5 minutes when a pack of local dogs surrounded us with inquiring minds. They were all friendly, it was just a bit odd and put a slight dent into a perfect evening a romance but what the hell. They just laid close by as we went about our business. Soon we were approached by another passerby, however, I think this fellow had other intentions than just a perverted curiosity. As he got close the dogs began to bark alerting us of his presence. We could hear him yelling back at the dogs, “Callate…Callate!” As he diverted his path to start walking away we realized that he was actually going for our clothes that were piled not far from where we lay. Little did he know just about all our money was paid to the Mar y Sombra but we were quite impressed by the vigilance of our new friends. After that incident we decided it be best to head back to the hostel before the guy comes back with some more company.

When we got back to the Costa Linda we were faced with another dilemma. Where can we go? We were both sharing rooms with the people we were traveling with and they were already fast asleep. But first things first, we needed to clean off this sand so we headed for the shower. And we could probably have some privacy there…right? So after confirming that the coast was clear we made our way into the women’s bathroom and into one of the shower stalls. We rinsed off for brief bit and once again began slowly removing the clothes that we had put back on before leaving the beach. Off goes the shirts, the shorts, and the underwear. Just to give you a reference of time it was about 3:30 a.m. and there didn’t seem to be so much as a peep at the hostel when we arrived. That is why to our dismay we couldn’t believe that the women’s bathroom suddenly became the most popular spot in the hostel at that moment.

First we hear somebody come in to use the restroom and it’s quite obvious what’s going on in the shower with our clothes hanging over the side. Ok, no big deal. We just tuned out the person as they went about their business and we attended back to ours. In less than a minute they leave but not 2 minutes after that another girl comes hurriedly into the bathroom but her problem isn’t with the bladder but with the stomach. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. She starts throwing up of course, trying to get the Guaro out of her system, I imagine. This goes on for about a minute and at this point we’re just standing in the shower looking at each other helplessly, “Should I go see if she’s alright?” “No, no…she’ll be just fine,” I assured her. Finally, we here the toilet flush and the girl makes her way out of the bathroom.

Now, where were we? Sure as HELL not alone because almost immediately another girl comes into the bathroom. And the third times a charm, cause this girl was the one that broke the camel’s back. She enters the stall right next our shower and we hear this explosion that sounded like an erupting volcano. Nope…it’s just number 2. Now I don’t know how much Gallo Pinto (a popular Costa Rican dish of rice and beans) that this girl had consumed that evening but it was enough to bring the house down. The smell quickly penetrated our shower refuge as we stuck our heads under the water to escape the odor. To no avail the stench cut through the water putting a dagger into the mood that evening as well as my libido. I didn’t know whether to start laughing or crying. We gave each other a look and knew what we had to do without even saying a word. Tenemos que salir! On goes the shirts, the shorts, and the underwear (obviously not in that order).

We turned off the shower and stealthily exited the women’s restroom. We went upstairs and quietly sat down in a couple chairs outside my room. It was inevitable. I don’t think God was going to permit this. But I had wished on a star. Shouldn’t that mean there was some sort of paradoxical untruth within the realm of the universe? I chose not to dwell on this for too long and let things be as they may. After a short while we conceded that this night was just not meant to happen. We said goodnight and I sluggishly crawled into bed – defeated – and just dozed in and out of consciousness until sunrise. I saw her one last time at breakfast before she departed for the bus stop and out of my life. Oh well, you win some and you loose some. I’ll always remember her as the girl from Manuel Antonio that I shared a rather un-intimate, sleepless, passionate night with.

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