Starting Out – Overland Track, Tasmania, Australia

Starting Out
Tasmania, Australia

Guided Tours of the Overland Track

Guided tours are available, the best offered by Craclair Walking Holidays (Oct-April; eight days $1485); you’ll still have to camp and carry a six-kilo pack, however; cheaper tours (where you have more to carry) are offered by Tas Expeditions (eight days $940). The easiest option is to stay at Cradle Huts (six days $1450 departing and returning Launceston), staying along the track at private lodges with hot showers, beds and delicious meals. (But really, where is the adventure in this?!)

Craclair Tours
PO Box 5010
Launceston, Tasmania
Phone: +61 3 6339 4488
Booking Fax: +61 3 6339 4105

Cradle Huts
PO Box 1879
Launceston Tasmania 7250
Tel: 03 6391 9339
Fax: 03 6391 9338

Tas Expeditions

Starting Out:

Cradle Mountain National Park Visitor Centre
Phone (03) 64921110
8am to 5pm – 7 days a week

This is where you can purchase a backpacker’s permit. Valid for 2 months, it grants access to all of Tasmania’s National Parks. You can also purchase a map and track notes here. It is also possible to get these materials beforehand by contacting the center, which can mail you a package including the map, the $10.00 booklet called The Overland Track – A Walkers Handbook and relevant brochures. The cost of this information package is only the shelf prices + postage (total $23.00), payable by credit card over the phone. The Walkers Handbook has interesting information about the local flora, fauna, geology, Aboriginal and European heritage. The package also contains a copy of the free booklet Essential Bushwalking Guide and Trip Planner.

A shuttle runs from the visitor center to the start of the track at Ronny Creek. At Ronny Creek you should register in the log before setting out.