Western Sahara Nutz and Bolts

Country: Western Sahara
Where is it?: Western Sahara is south of Morocco in northwest Africa
Why do people go here?: Not many people travel through Western Sahara, unless they are on an overland trip to West Africa. Western Sahara is under the adminstration of Morocco, according to governments.
What are the main entry points?: Morocco is the main entry point
Currency used: Dirham
Country Code for Phones: 212
Area codes for Major Cities:
Other Phone Tips:
Religion: Muslim 100%
Population: 300000
Ethnic Breakdown: Arab, Berber
Government: Occupied by Morocco
Languages: Arabic
Major Cities: Dakhla
Tourism Office locations and links:
Off-the-Beaten-Path: This country is off-the-beaten path
Health Issues:
When to go:
Common Phrases:
Specific Events/Holidays:
Getting Around:

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