8 ‘Untouched’ Places in Europe, 24 hours in Sarajevo, Planning a Cycling Trip in Europe, and Croatia for Families

On Bootsnall this week we’re excited about destinations around Eastern, and Central, traveling with children, and getting around Europe on two wheels. Jenn Miller shares her expertise about 8 off-the-beaten tourist path places in Europe that still feel authentic and cycling (long or short-term) as a family. Robin Koning gives us her best tips on what to see in Sarajevo, Bosnia, with only a day to take everything in , and Jane Graham explains why Croatia’s her family’s preferred indie travel destination.

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8 Places in Europe that still feel “Untouched.”

Village in Italy
Do you feel like you’re part of a never-ending parade of tourists, going from one crowded destination to the next? Jenn Miller recommoend 8 cities in Europe for an authentic and uncrowded European experience.

“Crowds of camera-toting tourists shove their way into your dream and you succumb to the realization that “it’s all been done,” especially in Europe. Snap out of it! If you’re willing to leave that guidebook in the hotel sometimes and make the “road less traveled” your highway to adventure, there are still LOTS of untouched places in Europe with smiling locals ready to introduce you to their local brand of latte.”

How to Make the Most of 24 Hours in Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia
Visitors to Sarajevo could easily spend two days (or more) just exploring the mosques, cathedrals, bazaars and cafes that make up the city’s Old Town. Fortunately, Robin Koning’s itinerary will help you make the most of Sarajevo, including sights off the typical tourist map, even if you’ve only got 24 hours.

“Morning is the perfect time to explore the Old Town’s cobblestone, pedestrian-only lanes. Along Copper Street, shopkeepers will be opening stalls filled with Turkish coffee sets, handmade on site out of copper and silver. As the sound of craftsmen’s hammers, ringing church bells, and the scent of Turkish coffee fills the air, you’ll feel transported back to the early 15th century when construction of the Bascarjia began under the rule of the Ottoman Empire”

Two Wheel Tourism: How to Plan a Cycling Trip in Europe

cycling in Europe
Want to reduce your carbon footprint after that long flight by cycling around Europe? Jenn Miller gives her best hints on where to go and what to pack, as well as sorting out the logistics.

“For our family, travel has become as much about the journey as it is about the destination, which is why we love cycling. Riding a bicycle as a primary mode of transportation has many benefits to the traveler. It forces you to slow down and savor the landscape in ways that are difficult by train or by car. It forces travelers to interact with locals daily and creates a deeper, more authentic cultural experience than riding a tour bus. Ecologically speaking, it’s a low impact way to see the world, reducing your carbon footprint, one pedal push at a time while improving your health and supporting the concept of green travel.”

Why Croatia is the Ultimate Indie Travel Destination for Families

Family in Croatia
A relaxing, independently-planned family vacation is far from impossible. More often it’s just a question of finding the right destination. Jane Graham gives some reasons why for her family, that destination was Croatia and its islands.

“Routine may be fine for 11 months of the year, but kids thrive on novelty and react badly to rigid itineraries and guidelines on vacation. Finding a country everyone likes, where there’s room to accommodate everyone’s wishes, can make all the difference. For our family, that country’s Croatia.”

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