Central European nations do not account for a large portion of Europe's tourism. Instead of the crushing crowds of tourists surrounding the big attractions in Italy, you'll find that tourism revolves around people going through their daily lives here. Travelers come to ski in Austria or hike in Switzerland like they are residents just relaxing. How often do you see Italians touring the Colosseum on their day off? Prague is one of the most beautiful, most toured cities in the world and is one of the main tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. Although it is becoming more expensive as the Czech economy gains momentum and travelers come back en masse, Prague will most likely remain one of the most visited cities in Central Europe. Slightly behind the Czech Republic on the economic turnaround timeline, Hungary has picked up some attention of its own for being a cheap stopover and rest destination in between travels. The central location makes it easy to travel from on long tours and the inexpensive prices make it an attractive place for budget travelers to stop on their way around Europe.

Although Slovakia and Slovenia used to be parts of bigger countries, they are both making a name for themselves as tourist destinations. Old-school castles, hikes and low prices recommend Slovakia, while Slovenia is just mile after mile of beautiful scenery.

Liechtenstein and Poland make up the rest of Central Europe's travel destinations and neither one should be missed on your tour. Poland is like seeing Germany for half the price, Liechtenstein is both an interesting country to see and a novelty destination due to its size.

Finding cheap flights to Europe can be challenging. If flights directly to your Central European destination are coming up as really expensive you might want to price a ticket to London or Frankfurt on its own, and then a separate ticket to your final destination. Sometimes this can be cheaper than one full ticket, so it's worth a try.

Budget travelers can find this continent to be a struggle, but fortunately there are thousands of Europe hostels that can make it a bit easier to deal with. Of course there are plenty of hotels in Europe from which to choose, but prices tend to be high in nicer areas, even for hotels with tiny rooms. You can often find good prices on budget hotels near train stations in any European city.