Gear and Packing for a RTW Trip – #RTWChat on Twitter

One of the biggest challenges that first-time long-term travelers have is how they are going to possibly pack for an extended trip. Because you’ve never done this before, the thought of packing for a couple months, or a year, or multiple years, seems impossible at first.

There are lots of tips and advice out there for how and what to pack on your RTW trip. Here are some of our most popular articles on the topic, and below is the recap of this week’s #RTWChat on the topic, with lots of great tips and advice.

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29 September 2013

In a couple months my wife and I will be packing for a year’s trip around the world… with a 6 month old baby. Needless to say, about 2/3 of the space in our bags will be for him. :)

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