Head South with BootsnAll This Week

This week on BootsnAll, we’re heading south – to South and Central America, that is! It’s Latin America week so we’re taking a look at the many draws of these two regions, from the beautiful – and all too often overlooked – national parks of South America, to the many Latin American markets (and how to navigate them).

We’ll be exploring Bolivia, riding down the World’s Most Dangerous Road, touring the expansive lt Flats of Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia, and relaxing on the beach in Isla del Sol in the middle of Lake Titicaca. We’ll also check out five reasons to go coast to coast in Panama, from the atmospheric streets of the Casco Viejo to the sleepy island of Boca Brava.

This week we’re also launching a new weekly column focused on round the world travel. In coming weeks we’ll cover everything from why to go, to how to plan your route and budget your funds, to what countries and experiences to add to your trip. So if you’re considering an RTW trip, or are just looking for more travel inspiration, be sure to check in Wednesday. Until then, learn more about Central and South America with these resources:

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08 April 2011

You probably shouldn’t link to “Visa and Reciprocity Fees in South America, and How to Legally Get Around Many of Them¨ as this article is now outdated. For example, Argentina currently does charge a reciprocity fee.

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