5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Free ‘RTW30 Planning Guide’

After 15 years of connecting with RTW travelers, we have cultivated, edited, and researched thousands of pages on the topic, add in the hundreds of RTW travel bloggers out there, all the travel planning tools, resources, and apps, and you still might find yourself on a Tuesday evening thinking “Where do I even begin?” or “How will I get this all done?” or maybe even “Could an RTW be for me?“.



To connect the dots for aspiring (and already planning RTW travelers), we are organizing a “Plan your RTW Trip in 30 Days” event. We’ve drilled down the planning to 30 short lessons, delivered to your inbox daily for 30 days. Little bite size chunks that will keep you moving, and inspired to make the choice, and change your life — whatever your “Why?” is for this trip (ie. career break, have the time of your life, experience true freedom, feel alive,  see the [whatever your wonders of the world are], meet that “is this it?” feeling head-on etc).

With this in mind, I’m gonna share five reasons why it might be a good idea for your to join Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days:

1) You are already planning an RTW! – DUH – this is a no brainer. If you are already going, this 30 day event, may be easy for you, and tie up loose ends. Plus, you’ll get a chance to connect with other that are also in your Boots! ;)

2) You’re this close (pinching finger) to making the decision. By working on our 30 day event, this will probably make it happen to be honest. Seeing the simple steps, taking a few more action steps, and being around others will make the decision FEEL better.

3) You’ve thought about doing it, and you are willing to consider making a decision within 30 days.

4) You’re being held back by one of the following reasons:
– Not enough money
– Too big of a mortgage, student loans etc
– mentally – you just don’t have the space
– You’re sick
– your job is too damn good now
– you don’t have a job
– you’re bored with life
– It’s not the “right time”

You really need to participate in this event. Even if you end up making the decision to NOT to it, or delay – you’ll scratch that itch to see if it is something that you want to make happen.

5) It’s free!

So let’s cut the clutter. We’ll send you one email per day. You’ll learn everything you need to know/do before taking off on a round the world trip.

Let’s do this!

The fun begins Friday, February 1

Comments on 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Free ‘RTW30 Planning Guide’

15 January 2013

travel is my game..and is planning to visit many places again this year.it might not be that easy, but absolutely possible.!!

23 January 2013

We plan to take a World trip to Australia later this year. Plan RTW should be helpful

23 January 2013

I am a retired teacher looking to see and photograph the world… Presently staying in Thailand…

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