TripAdvisor Cost Index vs BootsnAll Costs Index

Our Friends at TripAdvisor released their list of Most Expensive and Least Expensive Cities in the World a few days ago. ┬áHere’s how they calculate their cost index:

The TripAdvisor TripIndex Cities is based on the cost of a couple staying one night in a four-star hotel, cocktails, a two-course dinner with a bottle of wine, and return taxi fare of 3.2 kilometres each way.

The Cheapest City they list was Sofia, Bulgaria at $153 bucks for the experience listed above.


Lists like this, build up how expensive it could be to travel the world.

TripAdvisor – perhaps the most well known travel specific online entity, has tremendous reach and influence, so I when I see stuff like this, I think of my neighborhood friends from Chicago – seeing this and thinking – “How can I travel (like Keener does) – around the world with prices like that on a per night basis. He must be RICH!”. (Not true pals – there are other ways! – see below)

Well – most humans can’t afford that for more than a few nights per year

So – with this article fresh in mind, have a look at our series of articles and Jodi curated list, of how much it costs per day in particular countries/region to travel “indie style”.


Czech Republic on $45 Per Day


How we choose our Per Day Budgets

We choose the per day budget number based on personal boots on the ground experience and research. It’s not a bare-bones budget, but not extravagant either. The suggested budget per article will allow you to sleep and eat comfortably and take part in most activities you wish.

Here is an assortment of Budget pieces for Indie minded Travelers to get your started:

Cambodia on $25 Per Day
Vietnam on $30 Per Day
Nha Trang, Vietnam on $25 Per Day
Malaysia on $10 Per Day
Myanmar/Burma on $45 Per Day
South Korea on $30 Per Day

Central America
Guatemala on $25 Per Day
Panama for $30 Per Day

Czech Republic on $25 Per Day
Portugal for $50 Per Day
Bosnia for $45 Per Day

Malawi for $25 Per Day

North America
Canada for $60 Per Day
Cuba on $75 Per Day


Friend of BootsnAll (FOB) Jodi of Legal Nomads curated a nice list of budget pieces for many parts of the world that relate and are aligned with our articles above.

So are you a TripAdvisor Style traveler? Or a BootsnAll Style Traveler? If you are BootsnAll style – register to be a member of our Indie Travel Community.

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