Search for the Ultimate Boot

As you may have guessed by now, we are pretty keen on our footwear. We are constantly searching for the best footwear to carry us on our travels. Considering your feet will be the most used form of transport on your travels, we think it’s very important to treat them well.

Everybody has their favourite pair of travelling footwear. One thing that most can probably agree on though, is that there are only two types of footwear needed on a trip; boots and sandals.


The ultimate BootsnAll boot should be functional and yet look good. The idea is to have a boot that can withstand the everyday punishment, keeping your feet happy, and then be dusted down and polished up for a night on the town.

In the past, this has usually meant a leather boot. However, the advent of GoreTex has added to the durability and water-resistant qualities of this synthetic material. Many travellers rave of the water resistant qualities only to be disappointed a few months later when the GoreTex has worn off.

In more recent times, people have expressed concern at the use of leather and animal products in the manufacture of boots. While there is yet to be a truly “Vegan” boot that has the strength and quality of leather, surely it cannot be long before there is a viable alternative.


Sometimes boots just are not appropriate. This is where sandals come to the fore. Light and easy to pack, sandals can go where the boot would rather not. Crossing streams, a trip to the beach or just plain lazing around. These are all areas where the sandal can outperform the boot.

Another added advantage of the sandal is that they are definitely available in all materials. From leather to synthetic to a combination of both, a good pair of sandals will compliment your choice of boots and give your feet a much deserved change of scenery.

What Do You Think?

We are yet to find one brand of boot that satisfies our criteria. If you have a pair of boots that have served you well and would not ever throw away, we’d like to hear about them on our Travel Gear discussion board. Go ahead and tell us about your “Ultmate pair of Boots”!

photo by katclay