Not every country in the world has an article of clothing named after it. Libya leotards. Nope. Kenya kilts. Try again. Uzbekistan blouses. No thanks. Bermuda shorts. We have a winner.

You can, in fact, wear shorts in Bermuda nearly year round. Despite its relatively northern location in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda has a sub-tropical climate thanks to the magic of the Gulf Stream. One thing you'll notice right away when you are there are the businessman who wear their shorts along with shirts, ties, blazers and knee high socks. In any other part of the world this might be considered a fashion nightmare. In Bermuda, it fits right in.

Bermuda is one-part laid back and one-part formal. It has all the serenity of an island nation, but with the formality and pomp of a major financial area. Long known for its investment friendly tax code, Bermuda has a highly developed economy and a population with the highest GDP per capita in the world.

What to do

St. George is the second largest city on Bermuda and probably the number one tourist site. Dating back to the year 1612, St. George is described as the oldest continually inhabited British settlement in the new world, and the whole thing is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The colonial architecture and winding streets are dotted with gorgeous fountains and plazas.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most popular with cruise ship passengers, but when they aren't there it can be lovely. The pink sand beach is famous and worth a look, and snorkeling is possible nearby as well. There are many other nice beaches in Bermuda that feature the pink sand, and for a slight change of pace you can go to Dolphin Quest to learn about and swim with dolphins.

Getting there

Unless you are a really strong swimmer, your best bet is to book a flight into Bermuda (code:BDA). The only international airport there handles flights from London and several cities in the Eastern United States. Public buses can get you into town if you didn't bring much luggage, or you can easily get an expensive taxi.

Where to stay

There are quite a few hotels in Bermuda from which to choose, but the bad news is there are really no good budget options. The cost of everything on the island is relatively high, and that means no hostels or budget hotels could survive by only serving low-end travelers. Some good deals can be found in the nicer hotels, but don't expect a really cheap room anywhere.