Blackpool is a small seaside city in western England, but it has a big reputation as a travel destination, particularly among the English themselves. During its heyday in the first half of the 20th Century, Blackpool was the place for working-class summer holidays and much of that infrastructure still exists. It’s still England’s most popular seaside resort, but in recent years the number of visitors has been dwindling, as low-cost air carriers are able to ferry previous visitors off to Spain or Portugal for less than a train ticket to Blackpool.

What To Do

The main attraction here is Pleasure Beach, which is a large and famous theme park featuring England’s largest roller coaster among its many rides and attractions. There are three piers along the sandy beach in Blackpool and the Central Pier has an iconic Ferris wheel located on it. Speaking of iconic, the Blackpool Tower was built in 1894 and looks more than a little like the Eiffel Tower. At its base is a huge complex of facilities including restaurants, theaters, and clubs.

Blackpool’s nightlife is also notorious. Those beachgoers need place to wet their whistle in the evening so predictably the city has no end of bars and clubs. In particular Blackpool is known as a major center for stag and hen parties as well as for having an active gay and lesbian culture.

Getting There

You can book a flight into Blackpool International Airport (code: BLK) as long as you aren’t coming from too far. It’s a regional airport, but it is served by many continental European cities as well. If you are coming from any great distance you should think about booking a flight into London and then coming to Blackpool by train or bus.

Where To Stay

As a summer resort there is a huge amount of accommodation available. There are hostels in Blackpool and of course many hotels and B&Bs in Blackpool as well. Needless to say, during summer the better and cheaper places get booked up early so plan ahead.