Well, what's there to say about Pisa? It's got a leaning tower, that's true, but what they don't want you to know is that it's one of probably hundreds of less-than-straight towers all over Italy. The truth is that Pisa is probably best done on a two-hour stop en route from Point A to Point B, because you've probably simply got to have the picture of yourself "holding up" the tower, right? Yeah, we thought so. No worries, we've all done it. The bottom line is that unless you've got a reason to stay longer, Pisa's the perfect stopover.

What to Do

There's really only one main reason people come to Pisa, and that's to see the famous leaning tower. Thankfully it's very close to the main train station, so you can drop your bags in a locker and hop on a bus for the short ride to the pristine square around the tower and church. The Leaning Tower is really just the bell tower for the adjacent cathedral, which is quite impressive in its own right. Tours of the cathedral and the baptistery (behind the church) are recommended, and cheap in comparison to the tower itself. The tower is sometimes open for climbing and sometimes not, depending on its stability, and it's a good idea to book tickets in advance if you're hoping to climb it.

Getting There

It's likely that Pisa isn't your only stop in Italy, so your entry point is likely to be either Rome's Fiumicino Airport or Milan's Malpensa Airport. Either way, you'll probably be taking the train to Pisa. Look for deals on airfare to Italy.

Where to Stay

If you're determined to spend the night in Pisa, there are lots of hotels and hostels to choose from. There is a university here, so if that's your reason for visiting you'll want to make sure your accommodations are close to the university. You can begin by looking through these Pisa hostels and Pisa hotels and book a room today.

For more information on Pisa and the rest of Italy, don't forget to check out our Italy Travel Guide.