International Travel Phone App

Technology makes international travel easier and easier as the years go by. The internet is everywhere. Compact devices like iPads and smartphones make getting online in the most remote corners of the world a cinch.

But there is one part of communication that seems to lag behind – being able to use your phone to make calls and send texts is still a frustrating process when abroad. Using your home provider can cost as much as the trip itself. Having to find and buy sim cards in each country you visit becomes a time consuming hassle.

Enter the BootsnAll International Travel Phone (Apple and Android)

All details can be found here – including pricing and availability.

Travel Phone App

Say good bye to local SIM cards.

Say hello to local numbers without the hassle.

With this must have international travel app, you can get a private, local number in over 40 countries, then dispose of your number at any time. You can send and receive SMS and calls. Unlimited voicemail is included.

Plus there are flexible plans for 7, 30, 90, and 365 days, so no matter what the length of your trip, we have a plan for you!

Check out all the details now, and make using your phone abroad as easy as it should be!