Ontario is the second largest province in Canada. You'll find here Canada's capital Ottawa. Also Toronto, Canada's largest city, is located in the province. Ontario is bordered by the Great Lakes (US) to the South which means it's highly popular among Americans looking for a quick getaway. And we should not forget that Niagara Falls in waiting for visitors as well.

What to do

There are plenty of things to do in Ontario. You can visit Niagara Falls and then take the Bruce Trail. The you can continue your trip by exploring the Historic Nipissing Road (which is part of the Trans Canada Trail). You can either drive or hike the road. Along Ontario's Lake Huron coastline you can admire the beautiful lighthouses. And if you go by Thunder Bay you have to visit Old Fort William.

The region doesn't lack freshwater sandy beaches either. You can soak in the sun on Wasaga Beach or Sauble Beach. If sunbathing is not your thing, then visit one of the many national parks. Or you can visit the wine regions and taste the incredible Canadian wine.

Getting there

There are two major airports in Toronto alone, which receive the majority of flights to Ontario. Several domestic flights and some flights from US also land in Ottawa.

Ontario is a huge province which makes renting a car the best way to explore the area.

Where to stay

There are plenty of hotels in Ontario both in big and small towns. The backpackers will be happy to learn that there are enough hostels in Ontario as well although the majority of them are in Toronto.