The only island province in Canada is also the smallest of all provinces but the most densely populated. It has a very good reputation among tourists and is well known for its seafood, beaches and music. It seems to be a magnet for tourists from Japan.

What to do

Prince Edward Island is home to some extraordinary fishing villages where you can both admire the beauty of nature and eat some of the best best food in Canada. Malpeque Harbor is picturesque and you'll see in it many postcards and in even more photos taken by tourists.

Anne of Green Gables House is very popular among Japan tourists. The Anne of Green Gables musical plays every summer in the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown and attracts visitors each season.

Victoria Park in Charlottetown contains many historical and recreational spots. It's the best place to spend a summer afternoon, whether you are a baby or an adult. In addition, the Confederation Trail is a great way to see the island either on foot or on a bike.

Getting there

The island is served by a single airport located in Charlottetown and which receives flights from both US and Canada. Tourists also like to drive onto Confederation Bridge between New Brunswick and the island. Although it offers a long and boring ride, the bridge is a tourist attraction as well.

Where to stay

Considering the island's well developed tourism industry, there are plenty of places to stay but you'll soon realize that even the hostels on Prince Edward Island are expensive. Granted, you'll only find hostels in Charlottetown.