Despite Saskatchewan's reputation of being a Prairie Province, the landscape is quite varied. There are hills and lakes in the north, as well as rivers both in the north and south. The air is very clean so if you like to see the stars, this is the place to be.

What to do

Saskatchewan is not exactly what you'd call a touristy place but it's the perfect place for ecotourism, hunting and fishing.

The Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park shares the border with Alberta's park and Historical Fort Walsh is the highest point in the park, just perfect to see some nice views. There are also some historical sites to check out.

Hockey is an important sport for the locals so why not spend some time watching a match.

Getting there

There are two main ways to arrive in Saskatchewan. One is by car and the other is by plane. There are two airports serving the region: ohn G. Diefenbaker International Airport in Saskatoon and the Regina International Airport.

Where to stay

You won't have problems finding a nice place to stay. You can check out the hotels or hostels but for a real ecotourism experience you should check out the lodges.