The Keystone state harkens images of Amish in Lancaster County, Civil War Trails and battles such as those at the infamous Gettysburg and gooey chocolate in the town of Hershey. However, there are also plenty of things to get your blood pumping, from racing downhill at a number of ski slopes to curling up by the fire at a number of B&Bs.

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are the two cities of note in Pennsylvania. Both host a number of colleges, including University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. According to one magazine, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia among the top 10 arts-related cities in the US. However there are some large differences - while Philadelphia was built on brotherly love, cream cheese and yummy steak sandwiches, Pittsburgh made its claim to fame through the steel business and Heinz ketchup.

When you've had enough of the big cities, head to the Delaware River and imagine George Washington crossing it. Visit one of 117 state parks and work on your angling ability. Or eat until you can't take anymore - agriculture is the state's number one industry.

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