Why you should add Rhode Island to your Indie/RTW trip

[All content and prices updated July 2013]

The smallest state in the US is also one of its most beautiful. Lots of travelers ignore Rhode Island and just pass through as part of a larger road trip around the American Northeast, but you may want to think twice and add a stopover in this tiny state.

  • Spend some time in Providence, the third-largest city in the New England area. There are plenty of cultural activities to keep you busy, like the Providence Performing Arts Center and Waterfire, an independent, non-profit arts organization.
  • If you travel for music, Newport has both a Folk Festival and Jazz Festival held every year, and both draw world class musicians in a beautiful setting.
  • Even if you've never done it before, a trip to Rhode Island wouldn't be complete without fishing. Many locals have been fishing their entire lives, and Rhode Island is home to some amazing fishing spots.
  • Visit the over 400 miles of coastline within the islands of Narragansett Bay.