BootsnAll indie travel guide

Checklist for Planning and Preparing for Your Trip

Print this page and cross stuff off as you go, or just bookmark it (hit CTRL-D) and come back as often as you need.

  • Destinations. What are the places you’ve always wanted to visit? Check out our WhyGo sites to get inspired and make a list of places you’d like to go on our your trip. Grab some travel magazines, surf some online sites, hit the bookstore and library for travel guides and books.

  • Visas. Once you know where you’re going, figure out visa requirements for individual countries and get the ones you need.

  • Plan a budget. Based on how long you want to travel and where you want to go, determine how much your trip will cost.
  • Start saving money for your trip. Every little bit counts and you’ll be surprised at how fast the savings add up.

  • Health & shots. If you need malaria, rabies or any of that, find out what you need and get it taken care of. Click here for health suggestions.

  • Plane/RTW tickets. It’s best to do this about 2 months in advance. Head into our TripPlanner to sort out your itinerary. Click here to get your RTW tickets underway.

  • Pack. Everything you want to take, pack it up. Then unpack it, take away about half, and pack again. Have a friend come over and help narrow it down

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