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Sample RTW Routes – Where Can I Go?

Anywhere you want. There are popular routes and destinations you can hit – or avoid. Perhaps you want to focus, say, on Asia, or just the Pacific. Or maybe the Atlantic, or only the Southern Hemisphere. What if you want to go everywhere, as many places as you can possibly touch down in?

No worries. Here’s a list of some common itineraries. Remember, though, that with Indie, you can customize and change these however you want for the trip you want to take – all with a few clicks of your mouse.

Classic Around the World

Includes Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, India, Europe

Traditional and affordable, this trip takes you through the planet’s exotic capitals, spanning a huge variety of cultures. Great if your time is limited.

New York – London – Delhi – Bangkok – Hong Kong – New York

From US$2325, taxes and fees included

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Classic Circle-Pacific

Includes South Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia

This spectacular itinerary introduces you to the unique cultures and diversity of the Pacific Islands, new Zealand and Australia. Take the popular overland, through Malaysia and Thailand, and finish up at the edge of the Chinese mainland in Hong Kong.

San Francisco – Tahiti – Auckland – Sydney – Bali – Singapore – Overland – Bangkok – Hong Kong – San Francisco

From $3091, taxes and fees included

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Classic Circle-Atlantic

Includes Central America, South America, East Africa, Europe

Go from the spicy Latin cultures of Central and South America, to the expanses of Africa. Fly into Cape Town on the southernmost tip of the continent, head overland to Kenya, and hit Europe before you’re done!

Miami – Costa Rica – Rio de Janeiro – Cape Town – Overland – Nairobi – London – Miami

From $3384, taxes and fees included

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Southeast Asian Splendors

Includes Five Southeast Asian countries

If you’re interested in the diverse cultures of Southeast Asia, this trip is tailor-made for you. From Vietnam (one of today’s most popular destinations), to Angkor Wat’s Khmer ruins, through the beautiful beaches of southern Thailand, this journey is sure to leave you amazed.

San Francisco – Saigon – Angkor Wat – Bangkok -overland-  Ko Samui -overland- Phuket – Penang – Kuala Lumpur – Bali – San Francisco

From $2682, taxes and fees included

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Wildlife Spectacular

Includes Southeast Asia, India, East Africa, Middle East, Europe

This popular and affordable trip offers a great itinerary for travelers who want to explore some of the most exotic locations, experiencing wildlife and natural wonders.

Chicago – Bangkok – Delhi – Nairobi – Cairo – London – Chicago

From $3216, taxes and fees included

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Cultural Hotspots

Includes Europe, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, South Pacific, South America

From the cradle of Western civilization to India’s holiest city, this trip takes you to the world’s most revered cities. Visit the Khmer ruins and the splendor of New Zealand before touring Cusco, Peru’s gateway to the ancient Incan culture.

New York – Rome- Athens – Cairo – Bombay – Overland – Varanasi – Kathmandu – Bangkok -overland- Angkor Wat -overland- Saigon – Auckland – Lima – Cusco – Miami – New York

From $5797, taxes and fees included

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Endless Summer

Includes Central America, Europe South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, South Pacific

Bruce Brown, director of the famed Endless Summer surf movies, originally popularized this classic. Follow the sun as you make your way around the world. Bring a surfboard, or just your bathing suit!

Los Angeles – Mexico City -overland- Costa Rica –  Johannesburg – Bangkok -overland- Singapore – Brisbane -overland- Sydney – Fiji – Los Angeles

From $3725, taxes and fees included

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The Southern Walkabout

Includes South America, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Mexico
From the Latin accents of South America, to the beauty of South Africa, to the natural splendors of Australia and New Zealand – and incredible journey around the Southern Hemisphere!

New York – Buenos Aires – Cape Town – Overland – Johannesburg –  Perth – Overland – Sydney – Christchurch – Overland – Auckland – Los Angeles – New York

From $4526, taxes and fees included

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As the Spirit Moves You

Includes Southeast Asia, Nepal, India, Jordan, Israel, Europe

Good for the mind, the body and – most of all – the spirit! This trip, which takes you to some of the world’s most culturally fascinating destinations, is also a great value.

Los Angeles – Bali – Bangkok – Kathmandu – Delhi – Amman – Tel Aviv – Rome – Los Angeles
From $3247, taxes and fees included

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Super Around the World

Includes Europe, Middle East, East Africa, South Africa, India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific

When you work with us, you can create your own customized itinerary with as many destinations as you like. If you are ready to see the world ( not just one or two corners of it), create your own “Super Around the World” trip online now.

Chicago – London – Overland – Athens – Cairo – Nairobi – Johannesburg -overland- Cape Town – Bombay -overland- Kathmandu – Bangkok – Overland – Singapore – Sydney – Auckland – Cook Islands – Chicago

From $5602, taxes and fees included

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