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Buy Tickets at Once vs. Buying on the Road

There are 2 ways to go about getting the air tickets you need for your round the world trip:

Buy ’em all before you leave »

  • Locking in all the fares can save money up-front
  • Set a route now
  • You always know where you’re going
  • Spend time enjoying your trip, not worrying about the next plane ticket
  • Dates & tickets assure you of a seat – no standby or waiting
  • You can make changes if you need to
  • Tickets are good for a year

  • Buy ’em as you travel »

  • Less $$ to spend up-front
  • You aren’t locked in to a set route or dates
  • Enjoy the flexibility you have for if your plans change
  • Take advantage of fare & local deals closer to the time you’re flying
  • Travel as long as you want
  • Get another ticket as you want or need to
  • Don’t have to carry and worry about keeping so many tickets safe

  • Pretty simple, no? Build your itinerary (or at least decide where you want to fly to first), and take advantage of newsletters and other info to help you get good deals and better understand your tickets.

    Our sister site, Round the World Tickets, has completed a secret shopper’s research project where they priced 3 different itineraries from eight different companies selling RTW plane tickets. Be sure to check out the reviews of the companies selling RTW plane tickets to help you decide what option is best for your trip.

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