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Nicole Garcia – Round-the-World Traveler

  1. When do you leave?
    July 2005

  2. How long do you plan to be away?
    1-6 Months

  3. How much have you saved?

  4. How old are you?

  5. Nationality

  6. Where do you live now?
    Danville, CA, USA

  7. Occupation
    Loan Processor

  8. Is this job one that you actually like, or are you only doing it to pay for the trip?
    I’ll come back if they’ll have me

  9. Have you traveled around the world before?

  10. What is the route you plan to take/places you plan to visit?
    San Francisco to Hanoi, then down the coast to Ho Chi Minh City. Through Cambodia into Thailand. Allover Thailand and down the peninsula into Indonesia before returning home.

  11. Why did you decide to take this trip? What got you into this type of travel, and/or influenced you to go?
    I’ve always wanted to travel throughout Southeast Asia. I finally decided that there’s no better time than the present. It’s time that I stop dreaming and just do it.

  12. What is your biggest fear about this trip?
    That I’ll get sick or run out of money and have to return home before I’m ready to.

  13. Are your family, friends, co-workers, etc., supportive of you? What is their opinion of your going around the world?
    At first they thought I was downright crazy. But as they began to realize that I was going to go whether they like it or not, they’ve come around. Now most of them wish they could do it too.

  14. How much planning and preparing have you done?
    Just Enough

  15. What are you packing? What do you consider your most indispensable item(s)?
    My camera, money and passport.

  16. How do you think your round-the-world trip will change your life? How do you think it will affect and change you as a person?
    I’m hoping it’ll help me figure out what I really want to do with my life. I’m too young to keep on keepin’ on for the rest of my life.

  17. If you had to sum up your thoughts/feelings about your round-the-world trip in one sentence, what would it be?
    Bring it on, baby!

  18. Why do you think people should go on round-the-world trips? Why not just take a regular old one- or two-week vacation instead?
    You don’t really experience the true culture of a place on a quick visit. You need to immerse yourself in a place to get a real feel for how the people live.

  19. What is the biggest myth that people have about round-the-world traveling?
    That everything has to be planned down to the smallest detail. Flexibility is key.

  20. Why do you like to travel?
    To experience new things, people, places, foods, sights, smells… You get the picture.

  21. What is your advice for people planning their own RTW trip?
    Get advice from others, but remember that your way could be better.

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