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Aaron Herbert – Round-the-World Traveler

  1. When did you go on your RTW trip?
    May 2005-February 2006

  2. How old were you when you took this trip?

  3. Including your air ticket and other expenses (from accommodation to souvenir-buying), about how much did your trip cost?

  4. Nationality

  5. Where do you live now?

  6. Occupation

    Before your trip: web developer

    Now: consultant

  7. How did your travels affect your career when you got back?
    it didnt, some how when i got back is the time everyone needed work to be done. Luckily i network a lot.

  8. What is the route you took/places you visited?
    flew to bali, stayed till my visa expired then flew to singapore. overland though malaysia & thailand to bangkok, did the look through laos, cambodia then back to bangkok. Flew to Lima via new york where i stayed for a week. through south peru into bolivia, then argentina and finally accross to chili. flew from chili to melbourne to catch up with some friends before flighing home to perth

  9. Why did you decide to take this trip? What got you into this type of travel, and/or influenced you to go?
    I was working in a travel agent as there IT support guy, saw a broture for peru and decided i wanted to go. then figured if i was going to, i should do it properly.

  10. Out of all your experiences traveling around the world, what was the:

    • Best Moment

      machu picchu

    • Worst Moment

      getting my wallet stolen on ko phi phi

    • Biggest Hurdle, Obstacle or Difficulty?

      altitude sickness on huayna potosi

    • Biggest surprise?

      New York

  11. Who is the most memorable person you met on your trip and why?
    Eve, a german girl i met in the Malaysian jungle. Coolest person in the world.

  12. How much planning and preparing did you do?
    To the Nth Degree

  13. What was your favorite piece of gear?
    llama beanie

  14. What did you bring, that in hindsight you could’ve left at home?
    sleeping bag

  15. How did your round-the-world trip change your life? How did it affect and change you as a person?
    the travel bug has laid eggs in my brain. I think i am more generous now and more open minded.

  16. If you had to sum up your round-the-world trip in one sentence, what would it be?
    life changing event, that has proberbly made me a better person.

  17. Are you planning more trips and travels for the future? Are you planning another round-the-world trip?
    Yep, next one wont be as big but Africa is next.

  18. Why do you think people should go on round-the-world trips? Why not just take a regular old one- or two-week vacation instead?
    It is not for everybody but 1 week isnt enough to explore some cities let alone a country.

  19. What is the most valuable thing you learned?
    life is short so enjoy it.

  20. What is the biggest myth that people have about round-the-world traveling?
    that its expencive

  21. Why do you like to travel?
    Its more fun then working.

  22. What is your advice for people planning their own RTW trip?
    do as much research as you can, then forget it all the second you leave.

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