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Accommodation: Hostels & Hotels

Barrying, say, staying with family, friends and folks you meet along the way, hostels and hotels are 2 main choices for accommodation when traveling around the world. You can browse and search listings for the cities you’re visiting, read profiles of individual properties, and make bookings online:

Hostels »

  • budget-friendly: stretch your travel cash
  • easier to meet other travelers
  • located everywhere from city centers to the end of the world
  • great way to find tips and info on what to see & where to go

  • Hotels »

  • good value for money – not every hotel stay has to be a 5-star resort
  • if you want some extra space & your own room
  • more amenities
  • for that night or nights of luxury

  • These aren’t your only choices, of course. Bed and Breakfasts (especially in Europe, the UK and North America), pensions, guesthouses and, of course, friends and family, are other great accommodation options. Keep your ear to the ground, be open, and find what you need that fits what you want out of your choice of accommodation.

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