BootsnAll indie travel guide

Resources & Answers

The skinny on around the world trips, one-way and round-trip international air tickets, and the BootsnAll TripPlanner.

How Do you Plan a Round the World Trip?
What you can do, step-by-step.

Budgeting for Your Trip
The more moolah you save, the longer you can stay out there.

Why Go Around the World?
There are lots of reasons, but we can break it down to two. Dozen.

Why Plan Your RTW Trip Online?
Because whether you buy all your tickets up-front or as you travel, we make it easy for you to book and save money.

Advice From Other Travelers
Packing, money, visas, health – learn from their experiences.

Debunking the Myths of Travel
Here’s the scoop: It’s more than possible.

Resource List
You need it? We got it, from visas to Eurail pass links.

The Before-You-Go Checklist
A run-down of what to sort before you leave.

RTW Guide - Table of Contents