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Mark Gummel – Round-the-World Traveler
Adrian Cook – Round-the-World Traveler
NG – Round-the-World Traveler
Christina Trotter – Round-the-World Traveler
Brooke Schoenman – Round-the-World Traveler
Patricia Jones – Round-the-World Traveler
Noah Woodstock – Round-the-World Traveler
Adam Hale – Round-the-World Traveler
Ljubica Tomic – Round-the-World Traveler
Janelle Dianne Tilden – Round-the-World Traveler
CB & JC – Round-the-World Travelers
Barry Rogge – Round-the-World Traveler
Olivia Miro – Round-the-World Traveler
Joe Lyon – Round-the-World Traveler
Sarah Ivory – Round-the-World Traveler
Sarah Bundick – Round-the-World Traveler
Stu Thompson – Round-the-World Traveler
Marquita Elizabeth Prinzing – Round-the-World Traveler
Hannah Mackie – Round-the-World Traveler
Greg Watson – Round-the-World Traveler
Mike Gattanella – Round-the-World Traveler
Brianne Dawn Day Levine – Round-the-World Traveler
Brian Setzer – Round-the-World Traveler
Chandra Vora – Round-the-World Traveler
Dawson McCall – Round-the-World Traveler
Brendan Zecevic – Round-the-World Traveler
Mark Yiin – Round-the-World Traveler
Angi Scope – Round-the-World Traveler
Cassie Dole – Round-the-World Traveler
Joseph Fiocchi – Round-the-World Traveler
Stephen Davies – Round-the-World Traveler
Jim & Jane Morrison – Round-the-World Travelers
Crystal Rose & RPK – Round-the-World Travelers
Eric A. Olear – Round-the-World Traveler
Niall Fox – Round-the-World Traveler
Mike Flappan – Round-the-World Traveler
RTW Nomads (2006-2007) – Carolina – Round-the-World Travele
Robert Nugent – Round-the-World Traveler
Mike Logan – Round-the-World Traveler
Jojo Heudes – Round-the-World Traveler
Colleen Banto – Round-the-World Traveler
Aaron Herbert – Round-the-World Traveler
Victoria Clarke – Round-the-World Traveler
Jimbo Lee – Round-the-World Traveler
Sharan Kaur – Round-the-World Traveler
Joanna Abbott – Round-the-World Traveler
Nicholas Alexander – Round-the-World Traveler
Steena and James Anderson – Round-the-World Travelers
Bryan and Sara Tarn – Round-the-World Travelers
Erin Church – Round-the-World Traveler
Nicki Cornwell – Round-the-World Traveler
Chi Thieu Ngo – Round-the-World Traveler
Scott Stewart – Round-the-World Traveler
Claire Hankey – Round-the-World Traveler
Tim Magney – Round-the-World Traveler
Samantha Kimble – Round-the-World Traveler
Trevor Hague – Round-the-World Travele
Catherine Kerr – Round-the-World Traveler
Lawrence Davis – Round-the-World Traveler
Sarah Raley – Round-the-World Traveler
Sarah Smith – Round-the-World Travele
Ditch Clothes
Budget Carefully
Gaining Self-Confidence Through Travel
Save Your Money and Travel
Don’t Need Much to Travel
Safe Travels
Where Does Wanderlust Come From
Most People are Kind
Use the Internet When Planning Trips
What Holds You Back From Traveling?
The Next Question
Travel Tips for Going RTW
Travel Changes Life
Keeping Your Sanity on the Road
Long Term RTW Trips
Difference Between RTW and Vacation
Debunking Travel Myths
Biggest Change After Travel
It’s Cheaper Than you Think
Get Your Shots
Get Gear in Advance
Do What You Want to Do
Take an Interesting Class
Get a Henna Tattoo
Things to Leave Behind When Traveling
Don’t Forget to Shower!
Pack a Small Calendar
Soap Operas Years Behind
Title Digital Pictures
Label Rolls of Film
Smaller Car Size
Base Your Purchase on Use, Not Value
Michelle Burwell – Round-the-World Traveler
Lianne Mellor – Round-the-World Traveler
Mike Mayer – Round-the-World Traveler
Research Before Buying Expensive Items
Ignore the Pressure to See Many Things
Don’t Wait to take Medicine
Cars are Smaller Overseas
Label Film Rolls
Know the Value of Money
Dress Appropriately at Religious Sites
Bring Paper and Pencil When Bargaining
Get a Physical Before your Trip
Open Toed Shoes Can be a No-No
Know Appropriate Clothing
Avoid Wearing Military Gear
Read Bills Closely
Posters Aren’t Easy to Carry
You Will Get Ripped Off
Sarah Jane Armitage – Round-the-World Traveler
Nora Croix – Round-the-World Traveler
Dave Gosbjorn – Round-the-World Traveler
Fieke Brouwer – Round-the-World Traveler
Ann Cecilia McGovern – Round-the-World Traveler
Navid and Anne Yazdani – Round-the-World Travelers
Jordan Bailey – Round-the-World Traveler
Pay Attention at All Times
Cab Driver Tricks
Protect Your Purse While Walking
Lock up Valuables
Don’t Go Where You Don’t Want
Be Wary of Unsolicited Assistance
Stop Your Mail
Not All Trips Are Valid for FF Miles
Large Affiliate Programs
Join the Program
Extra Pair of Socks on Plane
Check in Online
Remove Old Luggage Tags
Don’t Flash Money
Don’t Place Wallets in Rear Pockets
Don’t Overpack Your Suitcase
Consider Disposable Lenses
Makeup Melts in Warm Weather
Pick the Cards you Want to Carry
No Frills Means No Excuses
Leigh Johnson – Round-the-World Traveler
Andy Cannon – Round-the-World Traveler
Beate Orgas – Round-the-World Traveler
Andrea Crosta – Round-the-World Traveler
Be Aware of Check In Times
Contact Information on Bags
Designer Bags are Flashy
Pack Cary-on Carefully
Valuables Keep in Carry-on
Vitamins for Jet Lag
Listening to Music and Sleeping
Contact Lenses Need Backup Glasses
Pack Extra Set of Glasses
Things to Bring on an International Flight
Exercise Helps Time Adjustments
Drink Water After Disembarking
Drink Water on Flights
Avoid Sleep If Arriving in Evening
Bring Lotion on Flights
Chelsea Elder – Round-the-World Traveler
Michelle Santschi – Round-the-World Traveler
Alex Smith – Round-the-World Traveler
Emma Glen – Round-the-World Traveler
Graeme Mulvaney – Round-the-World Traveler
Avoid Sleeping Pills On Flights
Ignore Movies and Sleep on Flights
Set Your Watch to Arrival Time
Consult a Doctor Before a Long Flight
Walk During Flights to Relieve Pressure
Jet Lag Symptoms
Adjust Your Schedule
Get Some Sunshine
Fighting Jet Lag
Bulk Buying
Travel Public Announcements
Travel Warnings
Party Hardy?
Caroline Ball – Round-the-World Traveler
Tom Guiney – Round-the-World Traveler
Anne von Petersdorff – Round-the-World Traveler
Travel Warnings Vs. Travel Advisories
Know Government Restrictions
Know Medicine Names
Seperate Wet Clothes
Wide-Tooth Comb Vs. Brush
Check Expiration Date on Sunscreen
Sunscreen Saver
Put Soap in Plastic Container
Trial Sizes Don’t Save
Leave the Glass
Uncomming Hair Colors
2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoos
Reading Local Papers
Antibacterial Lotion
Gerry Fuller – Round the World Traveler
Lorrie Joron – Round-the-World Traveler
Claire Fayers – Round-the-World Traveler
Chris Parker – Round-the-World Traveler
Top Up Cell Phones
Gregory White – Gregory White
Jeremy Morris – Round-the-World Traveler
Rosita Pigliapoco – Round-the-World Traveler
Petra Smit and family – Round-the-World Travelers
Bryan Mulligan – Round-the-World Traveler
Europe and Australasia Cell Phones
Prepaid Phones in the U.S.
Free Long Distance in U.S.
How Cells Work Overseas
Don’t Rent for RTW
GSM and Sim Cards
Prepaid Phones Rock
Getting the Wine Without a Corkscrew
Scissors Stay
Tech Section
Pack the Cards
Kirsty McLeod – Round-the-World Traveler
Jack Holmes – Round-the-World Traveler
Chris Smith – Round-the-World Traveler
Farah McDill – Round-the-World Traveler
Expect Best-Sellers
Exchange Books
Cut out Uneeded Pages
Flip Flops
Invest in Good Maps
Smaller Guidebook Companies
Biggest Isn’t Always the Best
Guidebook Companies
Lauren Fowler – Round-the-World Traveler
Jennifer Lynn Carter – Round-the-World Traveler
Anna Clinco – Round-the-World Traveler
Guidebooks By Different Authors
Ask Around for Guidebooks
Pack the Cotton
Snag a Sewing Kit
Dark Clothes are Your Friends
Pack Athletic Socks
Protect your Film
Pack a First Aid Kit
Taking a Mobile Phone
Angela Baker-Price – Round-the-World Traveler
Daveny Vincent – Round-the-World Traveler
Linda J. Brown – Round-the-World Traveler
Victoria Jackson – Round-the-World Traveler
Grant Williams – Round-the-World Traveler
Ryan Stevenson – Round-the-World Traveler
Overstaying Visa
Expect Low Wages
Bartending Under the Table
Exchange Work for Hostel Beds
Stuff the Socks in Your Bag for Train Rides
Handle Handiwipes
Flashlights are your Friends
Buy Jugs of Water
Stay in Shape with Resistance Exercises
Fleece Will Warm You Up
Leave Behind Delicate Clothes
Learn a Few Local Words
Karl Puls – Round-the-World Traveler
Tracy Foley – Round-the-World Traveler
Finbarr O’Sullivan – Round-the-World Traveler
Ditch Small Applicances
Get Converters Before You Go
Bring Converter for Tech Objects
Learn Local Scams
Too Good to Be True? Probably Is
You Will Get Ripped Off
Bargaining and Walking Away is Rude
Sai Koppala – Round-the-World Traveler
Jeff Coughran – Round-the-World Traveler
Don’t Buy Items Because They’re Cheap
Inspect Before you Buy
Ask for Going Rates
Marketplace Investments Depend on Specialties
Wash Dyed Materials Alone
Avoid Knock Offs
Send Home by Sea
Vitamin C to Fight Colds
Take your Vitamins
Jet Lag Adjustment
Avoid Sleeping Pills to Cope with Jet Lag
Car Rental Coverage on Credit Cards
Paying Out of Pocket for Health Care
Ask About Insurance Coverage
Keep Insurance Card With You
Renting Mopeds and Motorbikes
Tina Pruett – Round-the-World Traveler
International Driver’s License
Learn How to Drive a Manual Car
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Use Discretion When Hiring a Guide
Consider Hiring a Driver
Throw in the Rain Gear
Protect You Medications
Bring Written Prescriptions
Skip the Binoculars
Leave Pencils at Home
Pack Blue or Black Ink Pens
Leave Your Favorite Pen At Home
Evan Kanter – Round-the-World Traveler
Looseleaf Paper Leave at Home
Michelle and Charlie – Round-the-World Travelers
Jennifer Lynn – Round-the-World Traveler
Journals or Sketchbooks Pass the Time on Trains
Sarongs are Excellent Beach Towels
Free or Cheap Stopovers
Bring Clothes to Leave Behind
Sleeping Bags Are No-Nos
Add an Extra Duffel Bag to Your Pack
Zip Lock Bags Save Hassle
Build In Room for Souvenirs
Vacuum Bags Save Space
Michael Colucci – Round-the-World Traveler
Carlton Grooms & Family – Round-the-World Travelers
Michelle James – Round-the-World Traveler
Andrea Johnson – Round-the-World Traveler
Adam Bartlett – Round-the-World Traveler
Calli Sims – Round-the-World Traveler
Grab the Quick Dry Towel
Avoid Alcohol on Flights
Eye Cover in a Pinch
Ditch the Eye Shades
Bring the Ear Plugs
Condense Your Technology
Ditch Pop Out Maps
Go By Bike!
Chances of Multiple Meetings on the Road
Leave Groups Before Booking Rooms
Don’t Be Afraid To Ditch New Friends
Watch Spending When Traveling With Others
Josh Coughlan – Round-the-World Traveler
Mario UmpiĆ©rrez Olivera – Round-the-World Travele
Andrew Miller – Round-the-World Traveler
Ivan and Nancy Albright – Round-the-World Traveler
Caragh – Round-the-World Traveler
Edwin Skip Taylor – Round-the-World Traveler
Kyla Florence – Round-the-World Traveler
Set Aside a Slush Fund
Keep Your Budget In Line
Don’t be Embarrassed by Your Budget
Ask for Recommendations at Tourist Offices
Get a Map Before You Go
Pay With Cash When Booking Trips
Stephen Jonathan Feinberg – Round-the-World Traveler
Shauna Donfeld – Round-the-World Traveler
Nicole Garcia – Round-the-World Traveler
Jed Tooke – Round-the-World Traveler
Joshua Lee – Round-the-World Traveler
Sarah Fish – Round-the-World Traveler
Michelle Traylor – Round-the-World Traveler
Get Currency Before You Go
Think Hard About Bringing Big Items
Inquire About Credit Card Conversion Fees
Be Smart About Your Credit Card Usage
Pay Attention to Your Credit Card Statements
Store Conversion Rates
Caution: Passwords on Public Computers
Automatic, Paperless Statements
Get Cards That Give Back
Enroll in Automatic Bill Pay
Where to Find a Calling Card
Low Interest Rate Credit Cards
Phone Card Savings
Consider Investing in Multiple Phone Cards
Warn Your Credit Card Company Before Traveling Overseas
You Can’t Always Call Mobile Phones with Calling Cards
Pass On Your Phone Card
Consider the Country You’ll Call the Most
Know Your Bank Exchange Rate
Debit vs. ATM vs. Credit Cards
Subpar Exchange Rates for Traveller’s Checks
Noel Curtin – Round-the-World Traveler
Kristen Kupniewski – Round-the-World Traveler
Barbara Millstein – Round-the-World Traveler
Gayle Owens – Round-the-World Traveler
Gregory White – Round-the-World Traveler
Perry and Joyce Brooks – Round-the-World Travelers
Know Your ATM Fees
Credit Card Usage Overseas
Never Exchange Money at an Airport or Hotel
ATMs for Exchanging Cash
Skip the Travellers Checks
Credit Card Exchange Rates
Scott Amundsen – Round-the-World Traveler
Christine Rowe – Round-the-World Traveler
Watch Your Numbers When Exchanging Money
Grab the Flask
Grab the Twist Ties
Carabiners in Different Sizes
Pack Carabiners
Set up PINs
Call Your Credit Card Companies
Skip the Checks
Define RTW
Fly West to East
Winetasting Pleasures
Sprawling Urbia
Job Search Upon Return
Stretch Your Moolah
Roll in the Dough
Double Up With the Bathers
Look Like a RTWer
World Power – Itty Bitty Living Space
Isolation RTW
France’s Hidden Fun
Watch Out For the Hot Stuff
Largest Country Tour
Hardcovers Equal Pain
Public Transport Payday
Country Regulations
Copy Your Passport
Travel Warnings
Island Hopping Dreams
Wonders of the Forgotten World
Wonders of the Natural World
Wonders of the Ancient World
Tanya Perepeluk – Round-the-World Traveler
Emanuela Tasinato – Round-the-World Travele
Wonders of the Modern World
Most Populous Cities
Snip and Snap
Churched Out?
Extra Insurance
Dress to Impress
Looking Good in the Neighborhood
Francis Colclough – Round-the-World Traveler
Gerry Maher – Round-the-World Traveler
Natasha Dunne – Round-the-World Traveler
Hefty Lock Love
Protect Your Moneybelt
Pack the Rugged Sandals
Skip the Jewelry
Ditch the Lacy Bras
Swiss Army Knives: Get One
Sven Schoof – Round-the-World Traveler
Leatherman: An Awesome Tool
Break the Ice
Rain Gear
Frisbee Fun
Sarong to the Rescue!
Day Pack Rain Protection
Skinny Dipping Safety
Pack the Swimsuit
Ditch the Pillow
Shane Wilson – Round-the-World Traveler
CSR – Round-the-World Traveler
Veronika Taylor – Round-the-World Traveler
P&A of the False Creek Area – Round-the-World Travelers
Deborah Kelly – Round-the-World Traveler
Attach Sleeping Bag Outside Your Pack
Gadgets and Backpacks
Appropriate Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bags, yes or no?
RTW Shoes
Backpack Buying
RTW with Pets
Yeah for VAT
Exporting Antiques
Antiques? Be Wary
John V – Round-the-World Traveler
Duty Free Limits
On Open Tickets
Buy Tickets at Once vs. Buying on the Road
Personal Stories: Petra Stormen
Declaration Line
Bringing Food into Other Countries
Know the Fines
Southeast Asia RTW
Bring Your Own Bags
Must Bring: Plastic Shopping Bags
Dirty Clothes – Contain the Smell
Washing Clothes in the Sink
Below the Belt RTW
Pacific Circle RTW
Atlantic Circle RTW
Nature RTW
Global Hotspots RTW
Endless Summer RTW
Spiritual RTW Trips
Families can WWOOF too!
Is WWOOFing Easy?
Location of WWOOF Farms
WOOFing on RTW
Reset Visas?
German couple Tuk Tuk around the world
Knowing Visa Rules
Shipping by Boat
Books in Your Bag
Surykant Ranganath Kulkarni – Round-the-World Traveler
Fieke Brouwer – Round-the-World Traveler
Shipping Back Home
Scenic Routes
Overnight Trains
Eurail Map Memorabilia
Invest in a Sarong
Families on RTW
RTW Destination: London
Eurail Passes on RTW
How Much to Budget?
RTW Checklist
Shauna Donfeld – Around-the-World Traveler
Jim Karakatsanis – Around-the-World Traveler
AnneMarie Welden – Around-the-World Traveler
Mac Brown – Around-the-World Traveler
Portia Bond – Around-the-World Traveler
Timo Luege – Around-the-World Traveler
Leave the Wetsuit Behind
Best Language to Know
Who Goes RTW?
Do Your Health Research
Health on the Road
RTW Resources
Fighting RTW Travel Myths
Why Go RTW?
Visa Restrictions
Budgeting for Extras
RTW Ticket Deals
Travel Advice From Road Warriors
RTW Blogs
When Not to Fly
Set Aside Some of Your Paycheck
Personal Stories: Courtney S. Ries
What the *@!$ is RTW Travel?
Airport Hubs
Walt Foster – Around-the-World Traveler
Victoria Smith – Around-the-World Traveler
Around-the-World Traveler – Round the World Travel Guide
Tutti Taychakhoonavudh – Around-the-World Traveler
Trisha Sng – Around-the-World Traveler
Trish – Around-the-World Traveler
Tracy Martin – Around-the-World Traveler
Timothy Kingshott – Around-the-World Traveler
Tal Gutstadt – Around-the-World Traveler
Sarah Imogen Watkins – Around-the-World Traveler
Susan Taylor – Around-the-World Traveler
Saira Raza – Around-the-World Traveler
Stephani Otte – Around-the-World Traveler
Sandra Nisbet – Around-the-World Traveler
Sarah Kenworthy – Around-the-World Traveler
Stacey Jones – Around-the-World Traveler
Sian Harris – Around-the-World Traveler
Stewart Fuller – Around-the-World Traveler
Susan Elisabeth Davis – Around-the-World Traveler
Sima Cutting – Around-the-World Traveler
Sally Carroll – Around-the-World Traveler
Simone Cannon – Around-the-World Traveler
Richard Stump – Around-the-World Traveler
Renee Rankine – Around-the-World Traveler
Raquel Martini – Around-the-World Traveler
Renee Lindberg – Around-the-World Traveler
Russell S. Herrera – Around-the-World Traveler
Renee Berling – Around-the-World Traveler
Ricky Bennison – Around-the-World Traveler
Roger Beattie – Around-the-World Traveler
Philip Weston – Around-the-World Traveler
Pat Short – Around-the-World Traveler
Paul Roben – Around-the-World Traveler
Vlad Katz – Around-the-World Traveler
Stephanie Warren – Around-the-World Traveler
Serafin Tijerina – Around-the-World Traveler
Rhodri Pearson – Around-the-World Traveler
Richard Taylor – Around-the-World Traveler
Rachel – Around-the-World Traveler
Michelle Tsai – Around-the-World Traveler
Mark Farthing – Around-the-World Traveler
Laura Clark – Around-the-World Traveler
Linh Altork – Around-the-World Traveler
Keith Nobile – Around-the-World Traveler
Kelly O’Laughlin – Around-the-World Traveler
Jo Malcolm – Around-the-World Traveler
Jennifer Daly – Around-the-World Traveler
Jacobien – Around-the-World Traveler
George “Butch” Zein – Around-the-World Traveler
Bowerdude – Around-the-World Traveler
Anna Thinius – Around-the-World Traveler
Amy Scott – Around-the-World Traveler
Amy – Around-the-World Traveler
Allison Mackenzie – Around-the-World Traveler
Andy Cannon – Around-the-World Traveler
Sandra Price – Around-the-World Traveler
Rex Roqueza – Around-the-World Traveler
Phil Donachie – Around-the-World Traveler
Michael Hickmon – Around-the-World Traveler
Kinga & Chopin – Around-the-World Traveler
Kelly O’Laughlin – Around-the-World Traveler
Joshua Lee Goldstein – Around-the-World Traveler
Deborah Busch – Around-the-World Traveler
Chris – Around-the-World Traveler
Amanda Oudin – Around-the-World Traveler
Alan Baldwin – Around-the-World Traveler
Peter Kilbey – Around-the-World Traveler
Paul Hastings – Around-the-World Traveler
Paul Harper – Around-the-World Traveler
Paul Dumas – Around-the-World Traveler
Philip Bell – Around-the-World Traveler
Oscar Whitbread – Around-the-World Traveler
Nick Wusz – Around-the-World Traveler
Nizar Richi – Around-the-World Traveler
Nicholas Jones – Around-the-World Traveler
Nicole Heyermann – Around-the-World Traveler
Megan Woods – Around-the-World Traveler
Mary Weatherburn – Around-the-World Traveler
Meghan Thomson – Around-the-World Traveler – Round the World Travel Guide
Marta Cidraes vaz de Sousa – Around-the-World Traveler
Michelle Senior – Around-the-World Traveler
Melanie Rae – Around-the-World Traveler
Marlo Perry – Around-the-World Traveler
Michelle Moreno – Around-the-World Traveler
M – Around-the-World Traveler
Mike Logan – Around-the-World Traveler
Mari Kingshott – Around-the-World Traveler
Marie Javins – Around-the-World Traveler
Matt Harris – Around-the-World Traveler
Mary Dowling – Around-the-World Traveler
MD – Around-the-World Traveler
Mariana Helguera Lupi de Almeida Carneiro – Around-the-World Traveler
Leanne Currie-McGhee – Around-the-World Traveler
Lisa Cramm – Around-the-World Traveler
Lara Angelina Blake – Around-the-World Traveler
Kate and Paul Smyth – Around-the-World Traveler
Kirstin Mooney – Around-the-World Traveler
Kristina Johnson – Around-the-World Traveler
Kristy Fitch – Around-the-World Traveler
Keiron Burchell – Around-the-World Traveler
Jake Stroudley – Around-the-World Traveler
John E. Stamps – Around-the-World Traveler
John Smith – Around-the-World Traveler
Joshua Saul – Around-the-World Traveler
John Sanders – Around-the-World Traveler
Jason Rogers – Around-the-World Traveler
Jill P – Around-the-World Traveler
Julie MacArthur – Around-the-World Traveler
Joshua Lee Goldstein – Around-the-World Traveler
Joseph King – Around-the-World Traveler
Jen Hodgins – Around-the-World Traveler
Jennifer Hanner – Around-the-World Traveler
Jamie Greene – Around-the-World Traveler
Joseph Daleiden – Around-the-World Traveler
Jeffrey Ballard – Around-the-World Traveler
John E Ball – Around-the-World Traveler
Jason Allaway – Around-the-World Traveler
Travelers on Round-the-World Trips
Hilary Thain – Around-the-World Traveler
Hans Petter Daviknes – Around-the-World Traveler
Helen Kirk – Around-the-World Traveler
Henry Becker – Round-the-World Travelers
Gavin Rice – Around-the-World Traveler
Gary Moore – Around-the-World Traveler
Graeme Boyd & Celeste Cicchini – Around-the-World Traveler
freakwentflyer101 – Around-the-World Traveler
Fieke Brouwer – Around-the-World Traveler
Erik R. Trinidad – Around-the-World Traveler
Erica Takeuchi – Around-the-World Traveler
Elise Marie Brodeur – Around-the-World Traveler
Elise Laing – Around-the-World Traveler
Emmanuel “Bid” Bidegain – Around-the-World Traveler
Darren Watkins – Around-the-World Traveler
Daniel Warom – Around-the-World Traveler
Denise Riegel – Around-the-World Traveler
David Lyle – Around-the-World Traveler
Dan Leonard – Around-the-World Traveler
Dave Kenny – Around-the-World Traveler
Dale Johnson – Around-the-World Traveler
Debbie Ashby – Around-the-World Traveler
Daphne Laura Cook – Around-the-World Traveler
Feeling Adventurous?
Working Visas
Working for a Day on RTW
Christine Veleber – Around-the-World Traveler
Caroline Ulmer – Around-the-World Traveler
Clayton Trapp and Family- Round-the-World Travelers
Claire Louise Salt – Around-the-World Traveler
Claudia Mayer – Around-the-World Traveler
Caroline Mason – Around-the-World Traveler
Cecile Bruneau – Around-the-World Traveler
Casey – Around-the-World Traveler
Bob Pedersen – Around-the-World Traveler
Bill Sheehy – Around-the-World Traveler
Bartek Kwieciszewski – Around-the-World Traveler
Brent Holmen – Around-the-World Traveler
Bob Goetz – Around-the-World Traveler
Bear Falugo – Around-the-World Traveler
Bobbi Aqua – Around-the-World Traveler
Andrew Woods – Around-the-World Traveler
Aidan Williams – Around-the-World Traveler
Angela Weller – Around-the-World Traveler
Angela Weller – Around-the-World Traveler
Amanda Oudin – Around-the-World Traveler
Anne Neal – Around-the-World Traveler
Amy Minton – Around-the-World Traveler
Alex Melvin – Around-the-World Traveler
Alex Meikle – Around-the-World Traveler
Alex Johnson – Around-the-World Traveler
Alex Litowitz – Around-the-World Traveler
April Lynn Evans – Around-the-World Traveler
Avihu Kiselsteinn – Around-the-World Traveler
Axel Grafmanns – Around-the-World Traveler
Allan Fawcett – Around-the-World Traveler
Amelia Brown – Around-the-World Traveler
Home From Your Trip Around the World?
Destinations Round the World
Ushuaia, Argentina
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Salvador, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Recife, Brazil
Quito, Ecuador
Montevideo, Uruguay
Manaus, Brazil
Lima, Peru
La Paz, Bolivia
Iquitos, Peru
Destinations South America
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Easter Island, Chile
Cusco, Peru
Caracas, Venezuela
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bogota, Colombia
Asuncion, Paraguay
Washington, DC, United States
Vancouver, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Saint Louis, MO, United States
Seattle, WA, United States
San Francisco, CA, United States
San Diego, CA, United States
Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Raleigh-Durham, NC, United States
Portland, OR, United States
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Orlando, FL, United States
New York City, NY, United States
New Orleans, LA, United States
Montreal, Canada
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Miami, FL, United States
Mexico City, Mexico
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Las Vegas, NV, United States
Destinations North America
Houston, TX, United States
Honolulu, HI, United States
Detroit, MI, United States
Denver, CO, United States
Dallas, TX, United States
Cleveland, OH, United States
Cincinnati, OH, United States
Chicago, IL, United States
Boston, MA, United States
Atlanta, GA, United States
Anchorage, AK, United States
Albuquerque, NM, United States
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tehran, Iran
Sanaa, Yemen
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Muscat, Oman
Kuwait, Kuwait
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Destinations Middle East
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Doha (Qatar), Qatar
Damascus, Syria
Cairo, Egypt
Beirut, Lebanon
Bahrain, Bahrain
Amman, Jordan
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Zurich, Switzerland
Zagreb, Croatia
Warsaw, Poland
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vienna, Austria
Tallinn, Estonia
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Stockholm, Sweden
Sofia, Bulgaria
Rome, Italy
Riga, Latvia
Reykjavik, Iceland
Prague, Czech Republic
Paris, France
Oslo, Norway
Nice, France
Munich, Germany
Moscow, Russian Federation
Milan, Italy
Manchester, England
Malta, Malta
Malaga, Spain
Madrid, Spain
London, England
Lisbon, Portugal
Larnaca, Cyprus
Kiev, Ukraine
Istanbul, Turkey
Destinations Europe
Helsinki, Finland
Hamburg, Germany
Glasgow, Scotland
Geneva, Switzerland
Frankfurt, Germany
Duesseldorf, Germany
Dublin, Ireland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bucharest, Romania
Brussels, Belgium
Berlin, Germany
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Barcelona, Spain
Athens, Greece
Amsterdam, Netherlands
San Salvador, El Salvador
San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Jose, Costa Rica
Panama City, Panama
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Belize City, Belize
Destinations Central America
Destinations Australasia
Wellington, New Zealand
Sydney, Australia
Rarotonga (Cook Is.), Cook Islands
Queenstown, New Zealand
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Perth, Australia
Nadi (Fiji Is.), Fiji
Melbourne, Australia
Destinations Australasia
Hobart, Australia
Darwin, Australia
Christchurch, New Zealand
Ayers Rock/Uluru, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Alice Springs, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Length of RTW Trips
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar
Xian, China
Vladivostok, Russian Federation
Vientiane, Laos
Varanasi, India
Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Ujung Pandang, Indonesia
Tokyo, Japan
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Taipei, Taiwan
Surabaya, Indonesia
Singapore, Singapore
Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Cambodia
Shanghai, China
Seoul, South Korea
Sapporo, Japan
Phuket, Thailand
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Peshawar, Pakistan
Padang, Indonesia
Osaka, Japan
Okinawa, Japan
Nagoya, Japan
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Medan, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines
Manado, Indonesia
Male (Maldive Is.), Maldives
Lahore, Pakistan
Kunming, China
Kuching, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Krabi, Thailand
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Koh Samui, Thailand
Karachi, Pakistan
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jaipur, India
Islamabad-Rwalpindi, Pakistan
Hong Kong, China
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam
Guilin, China
Guangzhou (Canton), China
Goa, India
Fukuoka, Japan
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Destinations Africa
Destinations Asia
Denpasar (Bali), Indonesia
Delhi, India
Da Nang, Vietnam
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Cochin, India
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chennai (Madras), India
Chengdu, China
Cebu, Philippines
Calcutta, India
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Beijing, China
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangalore, India
Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), Brunei Darussalam
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Agra, India
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Yaounde, Cameroon
Windhoek, Namibia
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Tunis, Tunisia
Nairobi, Kenya
Mauritius, Mauritius
Maun, Botswana
Marrakech, Morocco
Mahe (Seychelles), Seychelles
Lagos, Nigeria
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Johannesburg, South Africa
Harare, Zimbabwe
Entebbe (Kampala), Uganda
Durban, South Africa
Douala, Cameroon
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Dakar, Senegal
Casablanca, Morocco
Cape Town, South Africa
Bamako, Mali
Antananarivo, Madagascar
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Accra, Ghana
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
Traveling Around the World FAQ
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Why Go Round the World?
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How Long Does It Take to Get My Tickets?
Round the World Ticket Watch Newsletter
How to plan your round the world trip
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Debunking Myths of Travel
Round the World FAQ
Checklist for Planning and Preparing for Your Trip
Questions to Inspire You
Budgeting For Your Trip
Why Plan Your Around the World Trip Online?
Where to Get Fake Student Cards
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Overlanding on RTW Trips
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