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Coming Home

This part is so depressing to think about that it’s difficult to write even though we are already home and have been for some time! But the sad reality is that you need to think a few things out in advance. Planning the traveling part is so fun that it’s easy to forget that you’ll eventually return home, and when you do, you’ll need to re-adjust back into society…somehow.

Having A Job And House/Apartment Lined Up

Most people won’t have a job waiting for them when they return, but if you do, you are way ahead of the game. You obviously want to be thinking about this before you return, and maybe you can work out a leave of absence with our current employer (with the economy still not fully returned, many employers may look at this as a positive-they won’t have to lay anyone off, and it buys them months or even a year, depending on how long your trip is).

Many people won’t have a house or apartment to move into either, so you need to give this a bit of thought now so it’s not incredibly stressful when you do finally face this part. If you happen to own and can find someone to rent, then bonus, you will be way ahead of the game and your readjustment will be much easier. If you’re younger and don’t mind staying with Mom and Dad for a bit upon your return, again, this may not be as difficult. But if you’re a bit and older and don’t want to stay with your parents or friends for very long after returning, it’s important to have a general plan of what you may do.

The Importance Of A Coming Home Fund

If you have been independent for a while, you might only want to crash with a friend for a week while you are apartment hunting. In this case you’ll need some money waiting for you when you get back. If you are extremely disciplined then this might not be a problem, but most of us will be tempted to spend some of this Coming Home Fund on another week on the road or some cool souvenirs for our friends.

You might consider taking the portion of your money you think you’ll need upon returning home and put it in a savings account that isn’t linked to your ATM card. You can still get to it in an emergency, but you won’t just thoughtlessly burn through it while buying another few rounds of drinks for all your new friends at the hostel. But after spending so much time saving for your trip, you should be disciplined enough to have a certain amount set aside that you won’t spend while traveling.

We can’t tell you exactly what you’ll need to prepare for your re-absorption back into society, but we are reminding you to think about it before you leave and have something in mind for yourself.

Bon voyage!

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