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Cebu, Philippines

Southeast Asia: Round-the-World Travel Destinations
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Why go to Cebu, Philippines?

  • The people of Cebu are famous for their hospitality
  • Head north to the white sand beaches of Boracay
  • You’re in the center of 7,000 islands – pick a few!
  • Step off the tourist trail and carve out your own adventure in Cebu
  • When Alex Garland wrote The Beach he was thinking about the Philippines
  • Learn Tagalog and you’ll be saying ‘Mabuhay’ soon
  • Cock fights and cold San Miguels are a tradition here
  • Riding in a jeepney isn’t like any bus you’ve ever been in
  • Scuba dive from local bancos ( boats ) while making friends with the locals

Cebu, Philippines – What do you need to do?

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