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Kathmandu, Nepal

Indian Subcontinent, Asia: Round-the-World Travel Destinations
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Why go to Kathmandu, Nepal?

  • If you’re thinking “adventure”, then you’re thinking Kathmandu
  • Gateway to Nepal, the Himalayas and Everest
  • Smelly yaks, blue sheep, BIG mountains
  • Visa, $30; room, $4; steak breakfast, $2… How’s that fit your budget?
  • Trek Everest base camp, drink tea on clay floors, buy trinkets from local artisans
  • Leave your normal life behind a while; see how it changes after trekking in Nepal
  • Your friends don’t think you’ll make it Everest base camp. Prove ‘em wrong?

Kathmandu, Nepal – What do you need to do?

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