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Round the World Travel Guide
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Why go there?
Below are major cities you can fly to, both as destinations and as starting points for wherever you want to travel overland around or from that city. For each place, we’ve chucked in a few pointers about why you want that city on your itinerary. So click away and decide where you want to go.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Athens, Greece

Barcelona, Spain

Belfast, Ireland

Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Berlin, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

Bucharest, Romania

Budapest, Hungary

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dublin, Ireland

Duesseldorf, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

Geneva, Switzerland

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hamburg, Germany

Helsinki, Finland

Istanbul, Turkey

Kiev, Ukraine

Larnaca, Cyprus

Lisbon, Portugal

London, United Kingdom

Madrid, Spain

Malaga, Spain

Malta, Malta

Manchester, United Kingdom

Milan, Italy

Moscow, Russian Federation

Munich, Germany

Nice, France

Oslo, Norway

Paris, France

Prague, Czech Republic

Reykjavik, Iceland

Riga, Latvia

Rome, Italy

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Sofia, Bulgaria

Stockholm, Sweden

Tallinn, Estonia

Vienna, Austria

Vilnius, Lithuania

Warsaw, Poland

Zagreb, Croatia

Zurich, Switzerland

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