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FAQ – How Overland Travel Differs Between Regions

How Different Is Overland Travel In Different Parts Of The World?

To put it simply, very different. Even within each country it can vary wildly. The thing you really need to be aware of is the notoriously bad routes in the countries you plan on visiting. As long as you do some research on the places you visit, you should be well aware of which rides will be brutal.

What About Costs? How Much Do They Vary?

Like comfort, costs also vary quite a bit. And just because a certain country charges a lot for a bus or train ride doesn’t automatically make it more comfortable. Trains and buses in the US can be extremely expensive, yet they are much less comfortable than buses and trains in Argentina and Thailand. Obviously, the more developed the country, the more expensive the transport. While the Eurail is extremely efficient and comfortable, it’s also quite expensive. Flights on a budget airline can be cheaper in some cases when traveling around Europe.

How Can I Go About Checking Prices?

In developing regions like North America and Europe, it’s quite easy, and you can look up and book fares online. Even in some developing countries like India and Thailand, it’s pretty easy to check and book as well. Seat 61, is the best resource for train travel all around the world, and should be a site that every RTW traveler utilizes. For other regions, there is information online, but as far as scheduling and pricing goes, you’re going to have to rely on your guidebook and travel blogs/websites for the most up to date information, and chances are you will simply have to wait until arriving to get the true lay of the land. There are ways of checking prices in some regions, and for those we have compiled pricing examples in their respective overland transport guides, so be sure to check them out.

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After contemplating your travel options and how you’re going to get around, it’s time start thinking about where you’re going to stay during your trip. Be sure to read the next FAQ about accommodation options you have.

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