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FAQ – Overland Travel In Russia And Central Asia

The Best Way To Get Around Russia Is By Train, Right?

Not necessarily. While Russia is known for the Trans Siberian Railway, much of the time buses are the preferred way of getting around, at least for shorter journeys. It’s definitely cheaper to travel by bus, and many times it’s faster. There’s also no need for a reservation. Traveling by train is certainly another good way to get around this massive country, particularly if you are taking a long journey that will include an overnight stay. Booking in advance, at least a day, is usually a good idea.

I Like Off The Beaten Path Places Like Central Asia. What’s Up With Overland Travel In The ‘Stans?

Most countries in this region are now officially open to travelers, but the situation is ever-changing. Obtaining visas are sometimes time consuming, costly, and seemingly impossible. Not trying to discourage you from traveling here, but we’d like you to know what you’re getting into. A combination of trains, buses, and taxis are the best way to get around, but it’s imperative to stay up to date with the latest information on things like border crossings and political upheaval.

Is One Method Better Than Another In Central Asia?

Trains are the safest and most comfortable mode of transport in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan . Buses are sometimes faster, but the comfort level is much less. There are several different types of trains in Central Asia, and for longer journeys, sleeper cars are available. Expect to garner attention as a western tourist, and beware if you are invited to share in a vodka party during your journey. These fellas can drink. If traveling to Kyrgyzstan, which is still rather unstable at the moment (July 2011), buses and shared taxis are the most popular modes of transport as opposed to trains. Hiring drivers or sharing a taxi with other travelers is also the way to go in Tajikistan.

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