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FAQ – What To Do With All Your Stuff While You’re Gone

I Have A Lot Of Crap. What Should I Do With It All?

Since you plan on traveling with only a bag or two for an extended period of time, it’s time to start getting rid of all your useless crap and getting used to only going with essentials. If you are moving out of your current residence, then start this task sooner rather than later.

Do I Just Throw It Away? Sell It? There’s So Much!

This is your chance to start over. Some will have to be thrown away, yes. Some can be sold. Get on sites like Craig’s List and Ebay and start listing stuff that can be sold. Consider a garage or yard sale. Donate things you can’t sell but are still good to Goodwill or other charities. Get rid of as much as you can, especially if you’re moving. This will also add to your travel fund. Every penny you make, put it in the bank account. You could earn an extra month or two on the road!

I Am Renting My House Out To A Friend While I’m Gone. What Should I Do?

Since you have a house, you are fortunate. Even more fortunate that you are renting to a friend. It’s still important to pare down and get rid of unnecessary crap that you’ve been collecting for years, maybe even decades. But for items that you plan on using again, maybe you can work out a deal and charge your friend less rent for a spot in the basement or storage room. Or maybe you can just let your friend use things like your couch, TV, and table and chairs.

I Am Renting My House Out To A Stranger While I’m Gone. What Should I Do?

You could do the same if you trust that person. Because it’s a stranger and it’s difficult to develop trust with someone you most likely just met, then ask friends and family if they have storage space for your essential items you plan to keep. If not, then rent a storage unit out, just remember to factor this into your budget.

I’m Not Sure What To Do With My Car.

Be aware that if your car just sits there in front of your or a friend’s house, it will just depreciate. Selling it will give you some extra funds for your trip, or it can be a nice savings for a car when you return. If you’re still making payments on it, maybe you can work out a deal with a family member or friend to take over partial payments while using it when you are gone. Make sure your friendship is strong, though, as these deals can certainly go south. If your car is old and not worth much anyway, and you know you are returning home at the end of your adventure, it may not be a bad idea to just let it sit somewhere for a year.

I Have A Pet, But I Really Want To Go On This Trip!

For travelers who also love pets, this is a tough one. Hopefully you don’t have to make the tough decision of giving your pet up completely, but you may not have any other options. Asking a friend or family member to take care of your pet, especially if it’s a high maintenance one like a dog or cat, is definitely asking a lot. You may have some great friends or family members who will do this for you. Or maybe if you also own a house/apartment, you can rent it out to a friend or family member who likes pets. You could offer a discount, and then your pet won’t have much of an adjustment period. Worst case scenario is that you have to give your pet up, but there are plenty of people looking to give a pet a great home.

In addition to what to do with all your stuff, you need to start thinking about things like money, credit cards, ATM cards, and how you’re going to access your funds while you’re gone. The next FAQ and article in the planning section deals with all things money.

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