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Four Corners RTW Ticket

The better known RTW tickets are the ones offered by the world’s big airline alliances, offering more variety when it comes to the airlines you can choose from when you’re making your way around the world. But if your itinerary is focused in the same areas as a smaller airline alliance, then perhaps you don’t need the association with a bigger airline alliance.

The Four Corners Round the World fare from Singapore Airlines is worth considering if you’re departing from New Zealand and your trip is primarily focused on European destinations. It’s definitely more limiting than some of the other round the world tickets, but not everyone requires the same scope of destinations for their ideal itinerary. (There is some indication that Singapore Airlines’ Four Corners Round the World ticket is available for departure points other than New Zealand, but their website doesn’t have information about any other departure cities.)

Unlike most RTW tickets, the Four Corners Round the World ticket is not based on mileage traveled, but rather the number of stops you make on your trip. The base number of stops allowed on the ticket is very low, but additional stops may be purchased before you leave.

Here’s what you need to know about the Four Corners Round the World ticket when you’re comparing it against other RTW ticket options.

    • What kind of traveler is this ticket best for? – The Four Corners Round the World ticket is best for travelers starting their trips in New Zealand and whose itineraries have an emphasis on European destinations. Coveragee in other parts of the world isn’t great.


    • What airlines can I fly with this ticket? – You can fly on Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, and Virgin Atlantic with a Four Corners Round the World ticket.


    • How long is the ticket valid once I start my trip? – A Four Corners Round the World ticket is good for 12 months from the date of your first flight on the ticket


    • How many flight segments are on this ticket? – There are only four free stopovers permitted (2 in each direction) on the basic Four Corners Round the World ticket, but you can buy additional stopovers for only $150 (NZD) each before you depart.


    • Are there any required stops? – No.


    • What’s the maximum flight mileage I can accumulate on this ticket? – Because the Four Corners Round the World ticket isn’t a mileage-based ticket, there is no maximum mileage you need to worry about.


    • What are the restrictions on this ticket? – Fares for the Four Corners Round the World ticket are available from Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. There is a limited list of stopover points on the partner airlines, especially outside Europe. There is a maximum of 14 days stopover time in Singapore, although you can do that twice (once in each direction).


    • Are there any bonuses that come with this ticket? – Business Class fares are available on the Four Corners Round the World ticket, and there are discounts for children using the ticket who are accompanied by adults on the same itinerary.


    • Anything else in the fine print I should know about? – There do not appear to be any backtracking prohibitions with the Four Corners Round the World ticket, which would make it quite unlike most other RTW tickets, but you’ll want to confirm that with a travel agent before you book it. ¬†Overland segments do count as a stopover.


    • How can I book this ticket? – It’s not possible to book the Four Corners Round the World ticket online, so you have to go to a travel agent that specializes in RTW tickets to buy this one.


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