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Increase revenue & provide additional services to users.
Round the World Travel Guide
Your One-stop Source to Plan & Book Around-the-World Trips

Increase your company’s revenue through We have been able to grow and pay the bills over the past 4 years in part because of 2 partnerships we have, for travel insurance and round-the-world & multi-continental air tickets. We would like to talk to you about these partnerships – they benefit both you and your customers. Here’s why:

  • No cost to you. You don’t need to invest in technology, staff, etc., in order to provide these services. Each partner supplies you with customized code/content to add to your site. Fulfillment is taken care of through each partner, you just provide customers and receive a cut of all sales.
  • Additional services, additional revenue. If your customers are traveling, they should have travel insurance to go along with it. Shouldn’t they buy it from you? Such services allow you to further monetize your site and each of your customers.

  • More service, better customer relations. Being able to sort out different aspects of a trip from one place makes it easier for your customers, making them happier they booked with you in the first place.

More details on each partnership are below.

Travel Insurance Partnership
Travel insurance is a must for any customer, no matter the trip or tour they are going on. We sell a travel insurance product that is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. You get a cut (15% – avg commission is $25US) of all packages sold via your site. Once you sign-up, we will send you links that keep the customer on your website.
Travel Insurance Partnership Signup

Round-the-world & multi-continental tickets
BootsnAll is the #1 partner of AirTreks, a 10-year-old company that enables travelers to plan custom round-the-world and multi-continent air tickets online. In the past this was virtually impossible, because of how complex such trips are.

Having the RTW service available through your site is free, it helps your users, and you make a cut (2% – avg commission is $60US) from sales. Read about the nuts and bolts of the partnership, and the benefits to you and your customers, here:

TripPlanner Partners with BootsnAll

We appreciate how important your time is, and thank you for looking into these opportunities in more detail. For no cost to you, these partnerships will allow you to generate more revenue for your business, and like you, we know how important that bottom line is.

Whenever you’re ready, we’d be glad to talk more about the possibility of us working together. If you have questions or would like to discuss, please email Sean Keener, at, or call us at (541) 431 1005. We hope to talk to you soon, and may your site keep growing and succeeding.

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