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Inspirational Tips for RTW Travel

Gaining Self-Confidence Through Travel
“I gained an enormous amount of self-confidence on the trip. I was traveling solo (for the first time) and living on my own, so far from home. I also learned a lot more patience. I had traveled in the Middle East before, but not to the same extent. That, coupled with Asia, curbed some of my “control freak” personality.” – Angela Weller
Save your Money and Travel
“Save your money and go. Your life, a job and friends will all be there when you return.” – Amy Minton
Don’t Need Much to Travel
“I don’t need much to survive. A backpack with a few clothes, first aid kit, tennis shoes and peanut butter can go a long way.” – Amy Minton
Where Does Wanderlust Come From?
“I have wanted to travel around the globe since childhood. After 30 years of travel to over 50 countries, I came up with the idea of doing the trip without ever boarding an airplane. From where does this wanderlust come? Probably too many evenings as a child with nothing but National Geographic for entertainment.” – Bob Pedersen
Most People Are Kind
“99.9% of all the people in the world are wonderful, peaceful, and trusting people.” – Bob Pedersen
What Holds You Back from Traveling?
“I decided to do a world trip about two years before the end of my studies and started saving money. The time in between studies and your first job is ideal, a once in a lifetime chance. You are young, you are free, what holds you back??” – Caroline Ulmer
The Next Question
“It began with this question, “Before we have kids and get tied down, what would be our biggest dream to fulfill?” Today we ask, “How small do they make backpacks, and how much weight can a child carry?”” – Christine Veleber
Biggest Change After Travel
“I think the biggest change was the way people want to talk to us about travel. Many people want us to summarize our trip in 5 minutes or less. I think the biggest change is how I see life. I always want to be back on the road, and I get really, really restless if I see a travel film or read a travelogue.” – Timothy Kingshott
Who Goes RTW?
People of all ages go RTW: from solo travellers who just graduated from college and wish to travel before hitting the workforce, to married couples who are in career transitions, to whole families who believe the world is the best classroom, to retired folks who are looking for a sense of adventure. There is no ‘set age’ for going RTW.
Why Go RTW?
Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to go around the world. We’ve compiled a few of them – they’re great examples to use when explaining wanderlust to friends and family.
Fighting RTW Travel Myths
Skip the excuses! We’ve debunked a whole list of travel myths that’ll leave you with no good reason not to go!
Travel Advice from Road Warriors
The best source of advice on RTW trips are other travelers who have been there and done it! Look at our profile page for interviews with those who made their RTW dreams come true.

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