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Travels without a Plan – 6sydney

by Paul Hastings

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G’day from Sydney

Well here I am in Sydney at last, although to be quite truthful, I really didn’t want to leave NZ, it’s such an amazing place.

Anyhow, before I left I managed a tour of the Marlborough Wine region, Mmmm, and a Whale watching tour in Kaikora, all in all pretty good.

Well, my flight to Sydney was delayed by over 4 hours, so instead of arriving in daylight I was arriving in darkness. Not being at all organised I had no idea where to stay, although I had talked to a friend of a friend who was staying in a Hostel in Kings Cross, so I agreed that I would stay here for a few days until I found my feet and able to see what else is out there.

Well, what can you say about Kings Cross? It’s designed around travellers and is stuffed full of places to stay and eat at all hours (I expect rather like Earl’s Court in London), but it’s also pretty sleazy as well, with the City’s main Red Light Zone and all the problems that it brings with it (generally dodgy characters).

However after all I had heard it;s really is not that bad. Sometimes rumours are worst than the reality of the place!! And my hostel is something else, huge, rambling, disorganised generally not to the standard that I’m used to, but the people are cool and friendly, so that makes up for it. This morning we woke to the sound of dripping water in the hall as the hot water heater had exploded and had flooded. Welcome to Sydney!!

I’ve only had a day here and already I’m really impressed, it’s an amazing town which is full of life and vitality, which is having a hell lot of work done to it in preparation for the Olympics. It’s really going to be impressive.

Today I have walked for miles and just looked around, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, ‘The Rocks’, Darling Harbour and all the main shopping streets. It’s hard work not spending money!!

I have interviews organised for next week, so hopefully I will be earning money soon. I shall also be looking for a place to stay, although from the sounds of it, that will not be as easy as I was hoping….

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