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Wine Tasting Around the World

If wine is one of your guilty pleasures, then why not plan a trip around visiting some of the world’s great wine regions?


Wine tasting around the world brings you to some of the best regions – both the popular ones and some of the off the beaten path ones – for wine tasting around the world.

Remember that all trips on Indie are fully customizable, so feel free to change the order of destinations, add or subtract any, and change dates in order to get the best trip and price for you.

Here are the highlights of this trip:

  • San Francisco and the surrounding Napa Valley is renowned worldwide for their wine production.
  • New Zealand is ripe for wine tasting as the country is small, yet varied, making for a great opportunities to taste different types of wine on both the south and north islands.  There are many different wine regions in New Zealand to check out.
  • Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wine in the world, making it a popular destination for tastings and tours.  Making a road trip out of it or doing some WWOOFing at a vineyard adds a great leg to your trip.
  • When people think wine, Africa usually isn’t high on the list, but…
    • South Africa has a history of wine dating back 3+ centuries, with production centered around Cape Town.
    • You may be surprised to see Namibia on this list, but there are some small wineries that produce small batches of wine, making it a unique and interesting place for tastings.
    • Despite being a Muslim country, Tunisia has a pretty good wine scene as historically it has been produced by French oenogologists.  Because of strict importation laws, the majority of the wine served in Tunisia is locally produced.
  • Italy is one of the world’s most popular destinations for wine enthusiasts, and you can even jump into wine tastings on a budget.
  • When checking out wine regions in France, you may notice that most of the country is a wine region.  A wine trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to France.
  • Italy and France always pop up on wine tasting trips in Europe, but did you know that Portugal has been in the wine business since the Roman Empire was around?  There is a large variety of native wines as the soil and climate differ around the country.  Add this little known wine region to your trip and drink your way around Portugal!

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