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Current Writing Opportunities:

We are accepting article pitches again, but we are looking for very specific ideas. Please make sure that before you pitch any ideas that you take a look at the various opportunities we offer below (what we are looking for differs based on the writing program). It’s also a good idea to read through our Indie Travel Manifesto to see if your story seems like a good fit.  If the story you had in mind doesn’t reflect at least one (and preferably more) tenets of the Manifesto, then BootsnAll isn’t the right forum.

When we partner with writers, it’s with the intention of building a relationship with that writer.  Whoever contributes to BootsnAll, whether it’s a paid feature article, a guest post, filling out a traveler profile, or writing and updating our destination indie travel guides, we want you to be an ambassador for Indie Travel.

We have several different writing opportunities for those who have a passion for indie travel.

The BootsnAll community loves independent travel no matter what form it takes, so read through these pages and learn more about how to get your work published on BootsnAll. Once you’ve read over everything, pitch us an article.  If you have any more questions, email BootsnAll.

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